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Pearl Harbor Research Records

   (Folder ID: FOLDER 148) Working Papers, Draft Reports, and Newspaper Clippings, Draft Memorandum for the Director of the Army Security Agency (AFSA) Related to the Attack on Pearl Harbor and Its Consequences for the Intelligence Community, 1940-1959
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A42817 Newspaper: Holland Reiterates Attack on Tribune, Patterson Papers; Washington (DC) Star Article 41787079082608.pdf
A42818 New British Envoy Was Lucid In Appraisal of Angle-Russ Tie; Washington (DC) Daily News Article 41712479075177.pdf
A42819 Nazis Broke Spy Code, Lured 40 Into Trap; New York Times 41712509075181.pdf
A42820 Arms Flow to China Goes on after Truce; Washington (DC) Post Article 41712549075184.pdf
A42843 Excerpts from "The Secret Service Of America"; Codes and Ciphers 41712579075188.pdf
A42847 Invitation to Disaster; Washington Star Article 41712619075192.pdf
A42848 Friedman Comment to Adm Frost on Cryptographic Matters 41712649075195.pdf
A42855 Was the Attack on Pearl Harbor A Surprise?; Transcript for A Television Program-Facts Forum Telecast 41712709075201.pdf
A42860 Newspaper "Intelligence Service Is Our First Weak Spot"; Philadelphia Inquirer Article 41712739075204.pdf
A42872 Draft Write-Up of Communications Intelligence Objectives 41712889075219.pdf
A42878 Observations Regarding the Korean Situation (Draft); Why Was It Possible for Pearl Harbor to Occur? 41712909075221.pdf
A42886 Bush, Eisenhower Critiques Draw Opposite Reactions In Pentagon; Washington Star Article 41713319075262.pdf
A42894 Is It Immoral to Strike First If Attack Is Imminent; Washington Star Article Written by Edmund Walsh, Vice President Georgetown University 41713439075275.pdf
A42901 Newspaper "Paper Curtain For Chinese Reds"; the Washington Post Article by Drew Pearson 41713499075280.pdf
A42905 Today and Tomorrow-Ike and the Pentagon; Washington Post Article-Walter Lippman 41713549075284.pdf
A42910 Personal Note Regarding Consolidation of CI Activities 41713599075289.pdf
A42924 Army Intelligence-I-Grow's Diary Incident Brings to Light Misassignments of Military Attaches; the New York Times-Hanson Baldwin 41713629075293.pdf
A42929 Spotlight on Intelligence; the Washington Post Article 41713679075298.pdf
A42931 Newspaper "Military Mind"; the Washington Post Article 41713729075302.pdf
A42942 Newspaper "Grow Stolen Diary Incident Gives Support To Advocates Of Separate G-2 Career Service"; Washington Post Article by John Norris 41713749075305.pdf
A42946 Newspaper "Is Our Intelligence Adequate?"; Washington Daily News Article by Robert Allen 41713789075309.pdf
A42950 Faulty Intelligence System; Washington Star Article 41713849075315.pdf
A42955 Six Names Associated with DNI, DMI, Air 41713889075318.pdf
A42957 Drew Pearson and Willoughby; Cover Memo 41713929075323.pdf
A42963 Macarthur Puzzles Pentagon; the Washington Post Article by Drew Pearson 41713969075327.pdf
A42968 Intelligence Functions and Responsibilities 41714019075332.pdf
A43028 Amendment to Letter "Intelligence Functions And Responsibilities"; Requirement for Assignment to Intelligence Positions 41714069075336.pdf
A43035 Merger of Three-Collins Urges One Service Intelligence; the Washington Post 41714099075340.pdf
A43048 Top Military Setup Must Be Overhauled, Vannevar Bush Says; the Washington Star Article 41714139075344.pdf
A43051 Personal Letter from Col. Arthur C. Peterson to Col. Frederick D. Sharp; Development of Military Leadership and Sound Organization 41714169075347.pdf
A43053 Personal Letter from Col. Frederick D. Sharp to Ltcol Arthur C. Peterson; Ideas for A New Army Intelligence System 41714199075350.pdf
A43058 Korea Exposes One of Worst Blunders In American History; the Washington Star Article 41714219075352.pdf
A43063 Macarthur Is Not to Blame; Collier's Editorial 41714249075355.pdf
A43068 Catholics Fear Vatican Minister Plan; Washington Post Article 41714329075363.pdf
A43071 Korea Intelligence Fiasco/U.S. Intelligence Shakeup Urged; Times-Herald Articles 41714389075368.pdf
A43076 Strategic Intelligence Scored by Byrd and Bridges AS Inadequate; Washington Star Article 41714359075366.pdf
A43085 Washington Failures Blamed for Korea Intelligence Fiasco; Washington Times-Herald 41714419075372.pdf
A43097 FBI Probe of McCarthy and Pearson/Aide System Use/Stalin Urges More Strength for Soviet; the Washington Post Articles 41714439075374.pdf
A43107 Army Intelligence Warned of War; the Washington Daily News Article 41714469075377.pdf
A43112 'Stand' Order Shocks Officers Who Didn't Think of Leaving; Washington Post Article 41714479075378.pdf
A43129 Matter of Fact/WHERRY Seeks 'Blunderer' In Korean Attack; Washington Post Articles 41714519075381.pdf
A43153 Marshall Called Right Man for Wrong Job/This Changing World; Washington Star Articles 41714549075385.pdf
A43170 Gloom Over Korean Vise/to Improve Intelligence; Washington Post/Washington Star Articles 41714569075387.pdf
A43181 Optimist Heads Macarthur's G-2; the Washington Post Article 41714589075389.pdf
A43184 Newspaper: McCarthy Reiterates Charges/McCarthy Vs Pearson; the Evening Star/the Washington News 41714619075392.pdf
A43190 Today and Tomorrow; the Washington Post Article 41714669075397.pdf
A43191 an Efficient Intelligence Service Begins to Take Shape; New York Herald Tribune 41714709075401.pdf
A43194 Sifting Intelligence; Washington News Article by Peter Edson 41714739075404.pdf
A43196 Extracts from U.S. News and World Report 41714779075408.pdf
   (Folder ID: FOLDER 202) Miscellaneous Research Notes, Memos, Correspondence, Worksheets, Logs, and Other Evidence Related to Pearl Harbor Attack Which Was Created and Compiled by Friedman; Included Are Time Conversion Worksheets, Logs of Important Messages, Notes of Conversations with Col. Safford, Navy Processing Log of Certain Messages, Congressional Hearing on Pearl Harbor Related to: Maj. General Miles' Statement, Station 6 Intercept Assignments, Signals Intelligence Activities Station 6, Station 5 Intercept Assignments, Notes of Conversation with Walter Foote of State Department, Memos Related to SIS #27065 (Tokyo to Honolulu Message 12-2-41 Translated 12-30-41 Regarding Ships In Harbor), Winds Code Memo to G-2, Personnel of Intercept Stations, Memo of MIS-Translation of #2494 (Stop Code Message), 1940-1956
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A488108 William Friedman Suggests Mailing Classified Information Via Registered Mail 41766369080547.pdf
A488114 Pearl Harbor Attack-Time Conversion Data 41766389080549.pdf
A488117 Marshall-Dewey Letter: from Congressional Investigation on Pearl Harbor Attack; Letter from General Marshall to Governor Dewey Regarding Reading Japanese and German Codes 41766409080551.pdf
A488120 MIS File Re Pearl Harbor Inquiry 41766419080552.pdf
A488353 Conversations on Japanese "Winds" Code 41766429080553.pdf
A488376 Handling of Japanese Messages of Late 1941 41766449080555.pdf
A488384 Highlights of Talk with Safford on 7 Sept 44 and Further Notes-Safford on 20 Sept 44 41766459080556.pdf
A488454 Conversation Between William Friedman and Col. Sadtler on Pearl Harbor 41766469080557.pdf
A488462 Winds Code and "Winds Execute" Message 41766479080558.pdf
A488471 Information from Documentary Evidence on Messages No. 901, 902, 907, 910; Japanese Messages of 6-7 Dec 1941 41766489080559.pdf
A488484 Minimizing Adverse Effects of the Joint Congressional Pearl Harbor Investigation 41766499080560.pdf
A488493 Congressional Hearing on Pearl Harbor; Regarding Statement by Gen. Miles Concerning Relative Security of Army and Navy Codes 41766509080561.pdf
A488504 Documents Relative to Pearl Harbor Investigation 41766519080562.pdf
A488524 List of Missing Numbers of SSA Bulletins on File In Colonel's Office 41766529080563.pdf
A488534 Message Numbers Re Japanese Messages 41766539080564.pdf
A488544 List of Army and Navy Translations 41766549080565.pdf
A488554 List of Numbered Messages Requested 41766559080566.pdf
A488558 Numbered Messages Requested for Pearl Harbor Investigation File 41766569080567.pdf
A488560 Winds Execute Message of 4 December 1941 41766579080568.pdf
A488562 Intercept Assignment at Monitor Station Six 41766589080569.pdf
A488570 Intercept Directive for Signals Philippine Department, Manila, Pi 41766599080570.pdf
A488572 Review of Signal Intelligence Activities In the Philippines, 1934-1941 41766609080571.pdf
A488574 Intercept Assignment at Monitor Station Five 41766619080572.pdf
A488575 Intercept Assignment 41766629080573.pdf
A488598 Memorandum of Conversation with Mr. Walter Foote at the State Department on Wednesday, 30 May 1945 41766639080574.pdf
A488614 State Dept Reaction to News of Winds Setup Message 41766649080575.pdf
A488659 Friedman Memo Re: Message 27065/8007 41766659080576.pdf
A488683 Original Intercept and Work Sheets for SSA Message 27065/8007 41766669080577.pdf
A488695 Corderman Memo Re: Search for Message 27065/8007 41766679080578.pdf
A488776 Frank Rowlett's Response to Request from Fort Shafter for Certain Messages 41766699080580.pdf
A488784 Disposition of Traffic for Fort Shafter, TH 41766719080582.pdf
A488786 Search for Information Requested by Fort Shafter, TH 41766739080584.pdf
A488794 Intercept Station 5 Possibly Delayed Forwarding of Message 41766749080585.pdf
A488801 Directive for Intercept and Forwarding of Japanese Plain Text Diplomatic Traffic 41766769080587.pdf
A488818 Interest In Monitoring Station 5 Traffic and Translation Bulletin Number Army 8007-27065 41766779080588.pdf
A488829 Winds Message 41766789080589.pdf
A488841 Evidence Re "Winds Execute Message" 41766799080590.pdf
A488850 Documentary Evidence Re "Winds Execute" Message 41766809080591.pdf
A488860 Response to Questions Regarding "Winds Execute Message" 41766819080592.pdf
A488864 Monitoring Stations and Cryptanalytic Units In December 1941 41766829080593.pdf
A488874 Translation of "Stop Code" Message 41766839080594.pdf
A522495 Log of Messages from Station "S" to OP20GY-5 Dec 1941 to 7 Dec 1941 41766899080600.pdf
   (Folder ID: FOLDER 203) Miscellaneous Research Notes, Memos, Correspondence, Worksheets, Logs, and Other Evidence Related to Pearl Harbor Attack Which Was Created and Compiled by Friedman; Included Are "Magic" Summary No. 609 1943, Report of December 6 and 7 Prepared by John Hurt In 1944, Winds Code Message from Batavia, Army-Navy Agreement 1941, Memo of State Department on US Japanese Relations In September 1941, Message to Manila after Pearl Harbor, December 1941 Organization Chart, Winds Code Message from Singapore, Winds Code Setup Circular #2354 (Morse Broadcast), Winds Code Setup Circular #2353 (Voice Broadcast), Memo of Naval Aide, Panama Canal Maps, Notes on Dissemination, Index of Translations Related to Pearl Harbor (Safford), Index of Relevant Translations and Memos, Index of Translations Related to Japanese Espionage In 1941, Index of Honolulu Station 5 Intercepts "Indicating" Relative Unimportance of the Fort Shafter Intercepts (Safford), Miscellaneous Messages Translated after Pearl Harbor, Winds Code Federal Communications Commission (Fcc) Statement 1944, Winds Code Sterling's Statement, Winds Code Pering's Statement, 1940-1956
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A485419 Magic Summary No. 609 41762879080201.pdf
A485434 Situation In the Office of John B. Hurt on 6 and 7 December 1941 41762909080204.pdf
A485445 Directive Regarding Japanese "Stop" Code Messages 41762929080206.pdf
A485483 Japan Coded Weather Reports Used to Notify Consuls of War Decision 41762949080208.pdf
A485489 Army-Navy Agreement on Division of Labor for Diplomatic Intercept 41762979080211.pdf
A485492 Report of Traffic Deciphered on 2 and 3 December 1941 41762999080213.pdf
A485498 Intercept Data for Japanese Messages, 6-8 December 1941 41763019080215.pdf
A485503 U.S.-Japanese Relations 41763049080218.pdf
A485505 United States-- Japanese Relations 41763059080219.pdf
A485508 United States-- Japanese Relations 41763069080220.pdf
A485525 Japanese Attack of Pearl Harbor 41763089080222.pdf
A485537 Organization Chart of Signal Intelligence Service AS of December 1941 41763099080223.pdf
A485543 Enciphered Message 41763109080224.pdf
A485554 Tokyo "Winds" Code Message 41763129080226.pdf
A487418 Tokyo-Washington "Winds Code Setup" Circular; Circular #2354 41763169080230.pdf
A487430 Tokyo-Washington Circular #2354; Japanese "Winds Code Setup" 41763179080231.pdf
A487435 Japanese Diplomatic Traffic with Indicator Group "BYGAB" 41763199080233.pdf
A487441 Japanese Broadcast of Office Chief's Code; Circular #2353 Translation Revised 26 Sept 44 41763229080236.pdf
A487457 Japanese Broadcasts In Office Chief's Code; Circulars # 2353 and #2354 41763249080237.pdf
A487477 Japanese Broadcast In Office Chief's Code; Circular #2353 Translation Revised 26 Sept 1944 41763259080239.pdf
A487563 Japanese Broadcasts In Office Chief's Code; Circular #2353 41763269080240.pdf
A487570 Japanese Office Chief's Coded Broadcasts 41763289080242.pdf
A487571 Japanese Broadcasts In Office Chiefs Code; Regarding Broadcast of Special Message In an Emergency 41763299080243.pdf
A487573 Encrypted Japanese Messages; Circular #2353 41763319080245.pdf
A487581 Encrypted Tokyo-Washington Message; Circular #2353 41763339080247.pdf
A487586 Teletype Service for Three Stations: SIS Code Room, Washington; Monitoring Station 1, Fort Hancock; and Monitoring Station 2, San Francisco 41763359080249.pdf
A487587 Japanese Ship Movements 41763379080251.pdf
A487590 Secret Canal Zone Maps 41763389080252.pdf
A487601 Dissemination of Messages to Naval Offices 41763449080258.pdf
A487603 Dissemination of Messages 41763469080260.pdf
A487604 Dissemination of Messages 41765459080456.pdf
A487605 Dissemination to White House 41765479080458.pdf
A487608 Japanese Representation In Washington Needs Personnel for Communications Duties 41765509080461.pdf
A487611 Custody of Japanese Government Code 41765529080463.pdf
A487613 Tokyo Orders Immediate Change In Code Machine Usage; Circular #1015 41765549080465.pdf
A487614 Japan Discovers U.S. Reading Some of Its Codes 41765569080467.pdf
A487630 U.S. Reportedly Reading Japanese Coded Messages 41765589080470.pdf
A487631 U.S. Reportedly Reading Japanese Code Messages 41765619080472.pdf
A487634 Japanese Seek Source of Report That U.S. Is Reading Its Code Messages 41765639080474.pdf
A487638 Security of Japanese Communications 41765669080477.pdf
A487643 Japanese Learn That U.S. Is Reading Japanese Ambassador's Code Messages 41765689080479.pdf
A487644 Security of Japanese Communications 41765709080481.pdf
A487648 Index of Translations and Memoranda Re Pearl Harbor 41765729080484.pdf
A487653 Index of Relevant Translations and Memoranda 41765759080486.pdf
A487661 Index of Translations Re Jap Espionage, 1941 41765779080489.pdf
A487672 Index of Honolulu and Miscellaneous Messages 41765809080491.pdf
A487681 Japanese Message Code Change to Thwart Exploitation by British and Americans 41765859080496.pdf
A487729 Japanese Code Setup Circular; Circular #2354 41765879080498.pdf
A487733 Winds Code Setup Circular #2353 41765909080501.pdf
A487784 Japanese Concern About U.S.-Japanese Relations 41765929080502.pdf
A487805 Japanese and German Diplomats Exchange Views on Possible American Reaction to Japanese Army Actions 41765959080506.pdf
A487808 Japanese Message on Chile's Position on the War 41765979080508.pdf
A487813 Extract from Mr. Grew's Testimony In the Pearl Harbor Committee 41765999080510.pdf
A487816 Burning of Japanese Code Documents In the Siam Military Attache's Office 41766029080514.pdf
A487820 Large Number of U.S. War Planes Reportedly Dispatched to Alaska, November 1941 41766069080517.pdf
A487824 Japanese-American Conference 41766089080519.pdf
A487828 Japanese Army, Navy, and Air Units Attack U.S. and British Forces In the South 41766109080521.pdf
A487832 Japanese Note American Resolve to Declare War Against Japan In Near Future 41766129080523.pdf
A487841 Japanese Report on Mobilization of Army Flying Corps In Dutch East Indies 41766149080525.pdf
A487847 Tokyo Broadcasts of "Winds" Code Messages 41766169080527.pdf
A487981 Sources of Intercepted Traffic, 1941 41766199080529.pdf
A487983 the "Winds Message" 41766219080532.pdf
A487984 the "Winds Message" 41766239080534.pdf
A487987 Encrypted Japanese Message Originally Sent on November 19, 1941 41766259080536.pdf
A487996 Japanese Open Code 41766279080538.pdf
A488012 Query Regarding Coded Message 41766309080541.pdf
A488039 Value of Japanese Navy Coded Messages 41766319080542.pdf
A488073 Contents of Various Messages Reiterated for Signals Hawaiian Department, Fort Shafter, TH 41766329080543.pdf
A488082 Tab-Magic Summary, Japanese Circular and Envelope with Notation on Contents-Pearl Harbor Miscellaneous Papers and Documents 41766349080545.pdf
   (Folder ID: FOLDER 204) Correspondence Related to the Certain Aspect of Magic In the Cryptographic Background of the Various Official Investigations, 1955-1957
Document ID Document Title Filename
A485105 GCHQ Letter to William Friedman Regarding Pearl Harbor 41762659080180.pdf
A485119 Press Article "Our Good Luck At Pearl Harbor" 41762689080181.pdf
A485152 Friedman's Interest In the Broadcast of the "Winds Message" 41762699080183.pdf
A485162 Friedman's Letter of Appreciation to GCHQ Official 41762729080186.pdf
A485209 Winds Message (War Against U.S. and Britain) Broadcast after Attack on Pearl Harbor 41762759080190.pdf
A485277 Friedman Seeks Information from GCHQ Official 41762789080192.pdf
A485355 Certain Aspects of "Magic" In the Cryptological Background of the Various Official Investigations Into the Attack on Pearl Harbor 41762819080196.pdf