NSA Cybersecurity Advisories & Guidance

NSA leverages its elite technical capability to develop advisories and mitigations on evolving cybersecurity threats.

Browse or search our repository of advisories, info sheets, tech reports, and operational risk notices listed below. Some resources have access requirements.

For a subset of cybersecurity products focused on telework and general network security for end users, view our Telework and Mobile Security Guidance page here.

ImageTitlePublication Date
 CSA: Control System Defense: Know the Opponent9/22/2022
 CSA: Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Affiliated Cyber Actors Exploiting Vulnerabilities for Data Extortion and Disc Encryption for Ransom Operations9/14/2022
 CSA: Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite 2.0 (CNSA 2.0)9/7/2022
 CSI: Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite 2.0 (CNSA 2.0) FAQ9/7/2022
 Securing the Software Supply Chain for Developers9/1/2022
 Technical Report: Kubernetes Hardening Guide (August 2022 Update)8/29/2022
 CTR: DoD Microelectronics: Levels of Assurance Definitions and Applications7/14/2022
 CSI: Keeping PowerShell: Security Measures to Use and Embrace6/22/2022
 CTR: Network Infrastructure Security Guide (June 2022 Update)6/15/2022
 CSA: People’s Republic of China State-Sponsored Cyber Actors Exploit Network Providers and Devices (June 2022)6/7/2022
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Additional Documents

Some guidance is protected and requires use of a DoD Common Access Card (CAC) to access. Visit https://cyber.mil/nsa/cybersecurity-advisories-and-technical-guidance/ to access the following and other protected documents:

  • Avoid Dangers of Wildcard TLS Certificates and the ALPACA Technique (FOUO version)
  • Protecting VSAT Communications
  • Quantum Security of Symmetric Cryptography and Hash Functions: A Review
  • Securing AWS S3
  • Security Considerations for Office 365 Government Customers