NSA/CSS Locations

NSA has offices around the world and four cryptologic centers outside of the headquarters in Maryland within the United States. Personnel are deployed to all major military commands and to locations around the globe where there is a U.S. military presence to support our military customers. Many of our deployed personnel serve in Cryptologic Services Groups, providing dedicated support at the combatant command or headquarters level.

NSA Colorado

is a multi-disciplined cryptologic center that leverages partnerships to produce integrated intelligence critical to warfare in support of national missions and priorities world-wide. 

NSA Georgia

specializes in working closely with military customers to understand their operations, their requirements and their culture to ensure that signals intelligence is tailored and responsive to the needs of the warfighter.

NSA Hawaii

conducts signals intelligence (SIGINT) on foreign intelligence targets, cybersecurity operations to protect United States Government communications, and conducts cyberspace operations in order to gain a decisive advantage for the Nation and our allies and partners.

NSA Texas

conducts worldwide signals intelligence, cyberspace operations, and cybersecurity operations to ensure integrity and availability of mission and computer systems.