Preserving Cryptologic History

NSA recognizes our cryptologic past to inform the complex road ahead.


Through our Center for Cryptologic History, NSA shares the significant contributions made by cryptologists in defense of our nation as we work to secure the future.

NSA/CSS Symbols

The NSA and CSS seals carry an interesting history beyond our cryptologic heritage.

Historical Publications

NSA releases historical publications online to inform the public of its historical work.

Historical Figures

NSA provides historical accounts of individuals who made significant intelligence contributions in defense of the nation.

Historical Events

NSA provides historical accounts of events that made significant imprints on U.S. intelligence in defense of the nation.

Voices from the Past

NSA releases voices from the past through written oral history interviews and audio files.

Cryptologic History Symposium

NSA hosts a symposium in partnership with the National Cryptologic Foundation.

Annual History Calendar

NSA publishes an annual calendar reflecting on our history.