NSA Exhibit Road Show


Welcome to the NSA Exhibits Roadshow Resources page. Thank you for stopping by the exhibit booth to learn about some of NSA’s programs. Below is a list of upcoming events as well as resources to further your knowledge about NSA.

Upcoming Events

Event Date
Grace Hopper Celebration 20-23 September 2022
Society of Asian Scientists & Engineers 6-8 October 2022
American Indian Science & Engineering Society 6-8 October 2022
Reaching Out MBA 6-8 October 2022
Women in Engineering & Technology Conference 20-22 October 2022
Advance Chicanos/Hispanics & Native Americans in Science 27-29 October 2022
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers 2-6 November 2022
Out in Science, Technology, Engineering 7 Mathematics 10-13 November 2022
DODIIS Worldwide 12-15 December 2022

Exhibit Digital Resources

Find out more information on NSA at the link below.

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