NSA Cybersecurity Collaboration Center

Augmenting and amplifying NSA’s ability to prevent and eradicate threats through industry partnerships.


NSA’s Cybersecurity Collaboration Center (CCC) harnesses the power of industry partnerships to prevent and eradicate foreign cyber threats to National Security Systems (NSS), the Department of Defense (DoD), and the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). This groundbreaking hub for engagement with the private sector is designed to create an environment for information sharing between NSA and its partners combining our respective expertise, techniques, and capabilities to secure the Nation’s most critical networks. These collaborative relationships leverage the unique strengths of both government and industry and represent a vital part of a whole-of-nation approach to cybersecurity.
Find the adversary by leveraging SIGINT leads, commercial data, and bi-directional threat sharing.
Create new tradecraft for discovering and tracking the adversary.
Develop, share, and amplify mitigation guidance to NSS and the private industry.

Cybersecurity Partnerships

NSA's CCC establishes collaborative relationships with private industry to achieve the collective outcome of detecting and defeating cyber adversaries targeting the NSS, DoD, and DIB networks.

Fusion Operations

Government, academia and industry analysts and prototypers sit side-by-side to understand gaps, seek signals intelligence seed values, and provide analysis using unclassified resources to solve shared analytic and development challenges.

Cybersecurity Standards & Services

As the U.S. Government relies increasingly on commercial products to secure systems that carry classified or otherwise sensitive information, NSA works to partner with vendors to ensure security requirements are built into development processes.

DIB Products & Services

The Center’s mission is to secure the Defense Industrial Base against threats from malicious cyber actors. To quickly improve cybersecurity at scale, NSA is leveraging Protective Domain Name System Services (PDNS) as a low-cost, high impact service that protects critical DIB endpoints from resolving queries to potentially malicious websites.

Sharing Insights to Defend the Nation

Practicing partnership means sharing insights in an unclassified setting like NSA's Cybersecurity Collaboration Center. Reach in to learn how we can support each other to deliver better, more holistic cybersecurity outcomes for the Nation.