NSA Cybersecurity Collaboration Center

Intel-driven cybersecurity through open, collaborative partnerships.

Our Mission

The NSA Cybersecurity Collaboration Center (CCC) is how NSA scales intel-driven cybersecurity through open, collaborative partnerships. The CCC works with industry, interagency, and international partners to harden the U.S. Defense Industrial Base, operationalize NSA’s unique insights on nation-state cyber threats, jointly create mitigations guidance for emerging activity and chronic cybersecurity challenges, and secure emerging technologies.

DIB Cybersecurity Services

at no cost to DoD Contractors

Protective Domain Name Services (DNS)

Block users from connecting to malicious domains to drive down risk and protect DOD information.

Attack Surface Management

Gain an adversarial view of your network; find and fix issues before they do.

Threat Intelligence Collaboration

Stay one step ahead of the adversary through NSA threat intelligence.

Do you have an active DoD contract? Enroll in NSA’s DIB Cybersecurity services.

Our Offerings

DIB Cybersecurity Services

NSA offers no-cost cybersecurity services to any company that has contracts with DoD or access to non-public DoD information.

Collaborative Partnerships

NSA establishes collaborative relationships to prevent, detect, and defeat cyber adversaries targeting our nation’s most sensitive networks.

Standards and Certifications

U.S. participation in standards and certifications secures emerging technologies and empowers U.S. industry to shape the market.

Cybersecurity Academic Outreach

NSA invests in academic partnerships to recruit, train, equip, and retain the next generation of diverse cybersecurity professionals.

Enduring Security Framework Graphic

Enduring Security Framework

The Enduring Security Framework (ESF) is a public-private partnership that aims to address risks that threaten critical infrastructure and National Security Systems (NSS). ESF is charged with bringing together representatives from private and public sectors to work on intelligence-driven, shared cybersecurity challenges.

ESF produces cybersecurity guidance on chronic challenges, jointly developed by NSA, CISA and industry partners.