Voices from NSA's Past

We are fortunate to have recordings of some speeches and lectures given by past giants in Cryptology. Each speech is available in two formats: a text transcript in PDF format and an audio file in MP3 format. Click on the icon for the format you prefer.

ImageCreatorTitleDescriptionPublication NumberOrganizationPublication DateEffective DateExpiration DateUploaded On
 FRIEDMAN-ZIMMERMANN-TRANSCRIPT.PDFNSAFRIEDMAN-ZIMMERMANN-TRANSCRIPT.PDFWilliam F. Friedman lecturing on the Zimmermann Telegram to the Crypto-Mathematics Institute (September 1958)8/19/2021
 CURRIER-TILTMAN-TRANSCRIPT.PDFNSACURRIER-TILTMAN-TRANSCRIPT.PDFCAPT Prescott H. Currier, USN (Ret.) and Brig John H. Tiltman, British Army (Ret.) speaking with members of the Cryptanalysis workforce on cryptology before and during World War II (Circa 1974/1975)8/19/2021
 KRAMER-TRANSCRIPT.PDFNSAKRAMER-TRANSCRIPT.PDFCAPT Alwyn D. Kramer (Ret.), former US Navy cryptologist during World War II and Navy officer in charge of "MAGIC" decryption at the time of Pearl Harbor, recounting his SIGINT experiences (1962)8/19/2021
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