No FEAR Act & Data


On May 15, 2002, Congress enacted the "Notification and Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act," or No FEAR Act, for the purpose of protecting the rights of employees, former employees and applicants for Federal employment under Federal antidiscrimination and Whistleblower protection laws.

Discrimination based on age, color, disability, national origin, race, genetic information, religion, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, and transgender status), or an act of reprisal, is illegal. If you believe that you are a victim of unlawful discrimination based on one of those protected categories, you must contact an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) counselor within 45 days of the alleged discriminatory event before filing a formal complaint with the Agency. To contact and EEO Counselor, please call 301-688-1087.

No FEAR Data

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued rules to implement the posting requirements set forth in Title III of the No FEAR Act of 2002, Pub.L.107-174. Pursuant to the No FEAR Act, Federal agencies must post on their public websites summary statistical data pertaining to complaints of employment discrimination filed by employees and applicants for employment under 29 C.F.R Part 1614 (e.g., individual complaints, class complaints, and mixed-case complaints, but not mixed-case appeals that are filed with the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board or grievances raising claims of employment discrimination filed under collective bargaining agreements).

Review the Department of Defense Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 Notification and Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act (No FEAR Act Report)

NSA EEO Complaint Data, Posted pursuant to the No FEAR Act

Fiscal Year (FY) 2024, 1st Quarter FY 2018   
Fiscal Year (FY) 2023, 4th Quarter FY 2017                  
FY 2023, 3rd Quarter FY 2016
FY 2023, 2nd Quarter FY 2015
FY 2023, 1st Quarter FY 2014
FY 2022, 4th Quarter FY 2013
FY 2022, 3rd Quarter  
FY 2022, 2nd Quarter  
FY 2021  
FY 2020  
FY 2019  

EEO data posted pursuant to Title III of the Notification and Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002 (No FEAR Act), P.L. 107-174

References: Public Law 107-174 107th Congress, Notification and Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation (No FEAR) Act of 2002, May 15, 2002.