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Innovation Touches Every Part of NSA’s Mission

Shaping the next wave of computing technology requires a high level of creativity. As part of NSA’s research organization, Ben P. collaborates with industry and academia to create high-performance computing solutions that are unique to our mission.

Competitive Benefits

Professional Training

Whether you want to diversify into new areas or become an expert in your field, we offer a variety of internal and external training and academic opportunities to help you meet your goals, including tuition assistance.

Development Programs

Enhance your skills, improve your understanding of a specific discipline and even cross-train into a new career field. The programs offer full-time, paid opportunities with rotational tours in different offices over a 3-year period.

Work-Life Balance

Find professional and personal satisfaction through our benefits and opportunities. No matter your goals, we offer flexibility, ample paid time off and resources to make time for what matters most – at work and at home.

At NSA you can have the benefits you need AND deserve.

We’re Hiring! Our mission to protect the nation demands a team of technical experts as well as business and HR professionals, linguists, intelligence analysts, communications specialists and more. We have career opportunities in 17 different fields, so there is truly something for everyone.

Ben P.

"You can focus on one area and become an expert, but for NSA’s research directorate, we look for a lot of diversity in your experience."

-Ben P.
Research Scientist

Meet Our Technical Trailblazers

Alyssa Martin

Alyssa Martin

Integrating electronics into textiles is the stuff Alyssa Martin’s dreams are made of. And at NSA’s Laboratory for Physical Sciences, she found the opportunity to make her passions her career.

Jennifer DeMell

Jennifer DeMell

An NSA lab internship saw this analyst pivot to full-fledged research scientist. What Jenn DeMell is creating today will enable tomorrow’s computers to be faster and more powerful than ever before.

Bob Butera

Bob Butera

Bob Butera is building a bridge to the new world of quantum computing, one tiny atom at a time. Sure it might seem like an impossible mission, but he also calls it basically the coolest thing ever.