NSA Core Values

NSA is committed to remaining the pre-eminent foreign signals intelligence and cybersecurity agency in the nation. From protecting our warfighters around the world to enabling and supporting operations on land, in the air, at sea, in space, and in the cyber domain; to partnering with academia, private industry, and our allies to enhance mission, our employees model these six core values in their work.
Commitment to Service
Knowing that the country, our friends and allies are relying on us, we are dedicated to fulfilling our commitment to serve and to excellence in the pursuit of our critical mission.
We are committed to fostering public understanding of NSA's mission and to providing complete transparency to those who authorize and oversee NSA's work on behalf of the American people.
Respect for the Law
Everything we undertake in our missions is grounded in our adherence to the U.S. Constitution and compliance with the U.S. laws, regulations and policies that govern our activities.
Respect for People
We are committed to ensuring that all NSA personnel are respected, included and valued for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, skills and contributions to our mission and culture.
We are committed to communicating honestly and directly, acting ethically and fairly and carrying out our mission efficiently and effectively.
We are accountable for our actions and take responsibility for our decisions, practicing wise stewardship of public resources and placing prudent judgment over expediency.