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Office of Reasonable Accommodations & Accessibility

It is the National Security Agency's (NSA) goal to provide a work environment that allows all employees, including those with disabilities, to have long and productive careers. Through assistive technology and other enabling solutions, the NSA ensures that individuals with disabilities have an accessible work environment.

Through effective communication and education, the Office of Reasonable Accommodations & Accessibility (ORAA) translates individual and group requirements into technical alternatives and solutions to minimize barriers faced by employees with disabilities. ORAA is committed to making a reasonable accommodation for those with special needs.

In support of employees with disabilities and hidden disabilities, the Office of Reasonable Accommodations and Accessibility

  • Provides functional and technical expertise on assistive technology and its application within NSA's environment.
  • Assists and advises NSA employees with disabilities in their search for appropriate technical alternatives.
  • Provides hands-on demonstrations of assistive technology to individuals and tests various options prior to implementation.
  • Works with managers, employees, and vendors to develop customized solutions to meet individual requirements.

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Reasonable Accommodation

The National Security Agency strives to offer an environment in which all can reach their highest potential and make a difference for our country. Sometimes it may be necessary or advisable for NSA to make a reasonable accommodation in either the duties of the job, or where and how the job tasks are performed, dependent upon mission requirements. Such forms of accommodation should make it easier for the employee to successfully perform the essential duties of the position.