A Career Path as Unique as You

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When you join NSA, you’re joining a community that cares about your career development and has the resources to help you achieve your goals. We’ve had human resources professionals transform into computer scientists. Language analysts have redefined themselves as cyber innovators. When you are ready to move up or move on to a new field, we ask how we can help.

Foundations for Your Success


From the time you are hired until you retire, NSA’s mentorship program enables you to select a mentor who will share their wisdom, expertise, insight and perspectives to enhance your personal and professional growth.

Continuing Education

Whether you want to become an expert in your field or branch out in a new direction, we offer a variety of internal and external training and academic opportunities to help you meet your goals, including tuition assistance.

Flexible Hours

With a generous amount of paid time off and programs that allow you to work part-time at the agency while you pursue a degree or a certification, you’ll have the flexibility you need to focus on your studies. 

NSA offers 17 broad career fields with hundreds of roles.
All play a part in protecting the nation.

We’re Hiring! Make the switch to NSA to pursue a career you’re passionate about.

Lisa W.

"My passion as an individual is mentoring others."

-Lisa W.,
NSA Deputy Director, Digital Network Analyst
Development Program and Mentor