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NSA Set-Aside for Small Business (NSETS)

NSETS is an important agency initiative that will enable NSA to competitively acquire agency requirements for business, engineering, information technology, operations support, and training services from teams of highly qualified small businesses. NSA strives to meet or exceed our small business utilization goals, while at the same time acquire the highest quality services and support for the Agency. NSETS is expected to greatly contribute to the Agency's small business utilization goals. More importantly, the NSETS contract will provide a vehicle for the Agency to receive services and support of the highest caliber."

For information regarding NSETS, send an e-mail to For all other inquires regarding doing business with NSA, please contact the Office of Small Business Programs via


Date Posted: Jan 15, 2009 | Last Modified: Jan 9, 2014 | Last Reviewed: Jan 9, 2014