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Programs for Business

NSA offers a wide variety of programs and opportunities designed to allow companies to partner with NSA.

For additional information on each of the programs, please click on the links below.

  • Export Control Policy

    The Office of Export Control Policy provides support to policy formulation, guidance, and issuance with respect to exportation of NSA technology.
  • Provisional Industrial Security Approval (PISA) Sponsorship Program

    NSA's unique clearance sponsorship program for small businesses can help your company start working with NSA.
  • NSA Set-Aside for Small Business (NSETS)

    NSA's IDIQ contract vehicle exclusively reserved for Small Businesses.
  • Mentor-Protégé

    A DoD supported program to encourage prime contractors (mentors) to develop the technical and business capabilities of small disadvantaged businesses and other eligible protégé's.
  • NSA Programs for Innovation

    NSA is seeking innovative ideas, approaches and technologies to facilitate and enhance all of our Missions. To support these efforts, several programs for rapid acquisition and engagement.
  • Trusted Access Program Office (TAPO)

    The TAPO provides the DoD and Intelligence Community guaranteed access to trusted microelectronics technologies for critical system needs.
  • NSA/CSS Commercial Solutions Center (NCSC)

    NCSC addresses the strategic needs of NSA and the national security community by harnessing the power of U.S. commercial technology, especially new technology developments or Elliptic Curve Cryptography.
  • Technology Transfer Program

    NSA/CSS has established a formal Technology Transfer mechanism for openly sharing technologies with commercial, academic, and other government partners.
  • Unsolicited Proposals

    NSA is interested in receiving unique and innovative ideas that satisfy our technology challenges.
  • Electronic Invoicing

    NSA encourages its vendors to submit invoices electronically in an effort to provide a fast and accurate method to track invoices submitted for payment.