Mission-Oriented Research


NSA performs world-class mathematics research and cryptographic design and is responsible for applying advanced techniques from mathematics-related fields to create breakthroughs in cryptology, information processing, network/data analysis, signals intelligence, and cybersecurity. Through our Math Sciences Program, NSA offers programs for eligible faculty members to maintain a vigorous academic mathematics community.

Laboratory For Advanced Cybersecurity Research (LACR)

LACR partners with academia, industry, and mission to advance the science of cybersecurity. It conducts mission-focused research to automate network defense, creates trusted hardware and software solutions, advances the use of formal methods, and creates tools to enhance cyber threat intelligence.

Laboratory For Physical Science (LPS)

Through the fundamental understanding of physical sciences and engineering, LPS research supports current and future mission challenges confronting NSA and the IC. Research areas include future computing systems (quantum/high-performance computing) and advanced manufacturing and sensing.

Lab For Telecommunication Sciences (LTS)

LTS collaborates with academia, industry, other government labs, and IC mission organizations to conduct advanced networking, computing, and telecommunications research. It initiates technical research to solve intractable problems and explore the implications of new communications domains.

Computer & Analytic Sciences

Computer and Analytic Sciences Research, which includes the Lab for Analytic Sciences, conducts mission-focused research to invent techniques, tools, and tradecraft that augment analysts’ ability to derive intelligence from complex data. It develops new technologies for transforming raw data into actionable information.


NSA’s focus on innovation transformation into an agency that rapidly adapts to unforeseen challenges and opportunities by helping organizations rapidly iterate, integrate tight feedback loops, bring outside technology and tradecraft in, and make better decisions under uncertainty.

Research & Technology Applications

NSA establishes partnerships with industry, academia, and other government agencies to accelerate mission goals, advance science, and promote the growth and commercialization of technology originally created for the agency’s mission.