Computer & Analytic Sciences Research

Through our Computer and Information Sciences Research, NSA leads and manages an advanced technology program that can research, identify, understand, develop, and apply new and emerging technologies for transforming raw data items into actionable information.

The steady rise in available computer power and the development of novel computer platforms enables NSA to explore a new class of intelligence analytics that turns the huge volume of available data into an asset to be exploited rather than a chore to be waded through. To be successful, we must develop new information processing strategies and techniques, to include redefining the role of the computer in the analytic endeavor. Rather than act as a host platform for interactive tools, the computer must become an analytic partner in a mixed initiative activity and must be able to conduct long-running analytic activities and draw conclusions from the information it processes.

We have an eclectic group of computer scientists, engineers, and mathematicians who conduct research on a diverse set of problems. We also collaborate with commercial and academic partners as well as other government organizations to investigate new analytic methods and computer platforms. Our research areas include:

  • Knowledge bases
  • Ontologies
  • Intelligence Value Estimation
  • Language analytics
  • Voice analytics
  • User Modeling/Cognitive Science