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2023 Grace Hopper Celebration

Enigma Machine Presentation

The Enigma is a message encryption device (or, more accurately, a family of similarly designed devices) most famously used by the Nazi military during World War II. The Nazis were confident that the sophisticated and cleverly-designed Enigma devices could protect their sensitive military communications from Allied cryptanalysis. But a sequence of unlikely accidents and ingenuity of mathematicians in Poland and England culminated in an Allied capability to decrypt this traffic. This remarkable success was among the most carefully guarded secrets of World War II, remained so until decades later, saved untold missions of lives, and was mythologized in the popular 2014 film The Imitation Game. Experience an actual working Enigma machine and discover current career opportunities in cryptography, cryptanalysis, and cybersecurity. Learn about the history of cryptography that informed the Engima's design and see why the Nazis had such confidence in it. Then learn how the Engima actually encrypts messages, and how cryptanalysis techniques against it worked.

Event Agenda

The National Security Agency will present the Enigma at their Booth at GHC23 during the dates and times below:

  • Wednesday, September 27th - 10:00 AM

  • Wednesday, September 27th - 2:00 PM

  • Thursday, September 28th  - 10:00 AM

  • Thursday, September 28th - 2:00 PM

  • Friday, September 29th - 10:00 AM

Advancing Women in STEM at NSA

Thank you for taking the time to explore a career at NSA. We know there are no shortages of STEM job openings in the marketplace, but we believe there are few that can compare to the satisfaction of a career with NSA.

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And the work itself simply can’t be matched. NSA is a leader in the development and deployment of advanced technologies. Our employees collectively hold hundreds of patents, cutting new paths in their respective fields.

Who We Are

By joining NSA, you become part of a diverse team of professionals who prevent foreign adversaries from gaining access to classified national security information, support our military members with critical information and protect our cybersecurity infrastructure and General NSA Video communications systems.

Currently Hiring

Software Engineer

Be at the forefront of development to manage data at scale, build user interfaces, fortify support infrastructure, and protect the nation’s systems.

Capabilities Development Specialist

Conduct innovative research to target computer security vulnerabilities and develop new approaches to computer network attack, exploitation and defense.

Systems Engineer

Design and optimize complex systems built to withstand sophisticated cyberattacks that can come from any corner of the world.

Computer Systems Architect

Leverage emerging technologies to design the future of and manage highly dynamic systems architectures to benefit national security.

Systems Vulnerability Analyst

Perform vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, and/or computer forensics to identify and advance U.S. information systems security posture.

Supporting Our Workforce On The Job And Off

"I am in a high-visibility; high-responsibility role way sooner than I anticipated. I went from a brand-new NSA employee to one of the faces of the agency."

-Arielle G.
Systems Engineer

Helping You Navigate Your Career

Student Programs

Learn more about NSA and deepen your career field knowledge in one of our paid student programs. Opportunities for high school students up through doctoral candidates.

Development Programs

Enhance your skills, improve your understanding of a specific discipline and even cross-train into a new career field in our full-time, paid development programs.


Along with a fantastic federal benefits package, including health insurance and retirement plans we also offer generous time off, flexible schedules, relocation assistance, robust well-being services and more!