College Programs

College Tuition Assistance

College tuition assistance programs assist permanent NSA civilians with the payment of tuition for individual college courses that have a direct bearing on the employee’s current official job duties.
Tuition Assistance Programs include:

  • After Hours Program: Provides college/university tuition payment for courses directly related to an employee’s official job duties, taken after normal duty hours.
  • Advanced Studies Program (20/20) : Provides college/university tuition payment and up to 20 hours of duty time weekly for a period of one year, for studies in “mission critical” skill areas as designated by the directorate.
  • Scholarship (Undergraduate)/Fellowship (Graduate) Program: Provides college/university tuition payment and salary for up to two consecutive semesters for studies in “mission critical” skill areas, as designated by the directorate.  

Accelerated Degree Program

The National Cryptologic University (NCU) Accelerated Degree Program (ADP) partners with higher education institutions to provide high-quality affordable educational degrees for NSA/CSS civilians and service members.
Articulation Agreements, our formal contracts, document educational benefits such as reduced admissions criteria, reduced tuition, and NCU transfer credits for specific academic programs or overall school acceptance. These agreements outline the NCU courses that have been completed or our workforce intends to complete will not need to be repeated for students attending the partnering academic institution.

  • Overall Time/Cost Savings
  • Achieve Work/Life Balance
  • Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) Designated School
  • Award Winning (Military Benefits and Adult Learning)

National Intelligence University

National Security Agency hosts and supports a National Intelligence University (NIU) on-site academic center that offers graduate-level courses and Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence program. The NIU serves the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, and broader Federal government as the accredited academic institution where government civilians and service members apply their professional experience, learn, and research in a classified environment.