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What is NSA's role in U.S. cybersecurity?

Our main role is to help protect and defend National Security Systems:

  • These include networks that contain classified information, or that are otherwise critical to military and intelligence missions.
  • These systems face constant, rapidly evolving cyber threats from the world's most capable adversaries.
  • Military service members in harm's way and our nation's leaders are among those who rely on NSA's efforts.

Our cybersecurity contributions are unique:

  • Our foreign intelligence mission enhances our cybersecurity mission with key insights.
  • We have practical experience with the ways adversaries exploit networks, and what is truly effective in thwarting intruders.
  • We can also inform defenses as we see hostile foreign powers develop cyber capabilities and operate.

What we do:

  • We defend - NSA runs 24/7 cybersecurity operations watching for and helping counter threats to, and implementing strategic defense measures for, National Security Systems. As we handle cybersecurity events on those systems, we supply our partners with threat intelligence for network defense.
  • We set the standards - NSA lives on the cutting edge of technology; through innovation and partnerships, we identify vulnerabilities, develop solutions, and set standards for National Security Systems.
  • We advance the state of cybersecurity -

Resources for Cybersecurity Professionals

Below are resources including current cybersecurity advisories and risk notices, and also tips and advice on broader cybersecurity topics.

General Resources:

Cybersecurity Advisories (CSAs) and Operational Risk Notices (ORNs)

Featured Tips, Guidance, and other cybersecurity advice


Archive for Advisories, ORNs, Guidance, Tips, etc. (IAD.gov Library Archive)

Other Resources

Resources for Students & Educators

NSA partners with schools to develop the talent and tools we need for national security challenges like cybersecurity. Please check out our offerings for:

Information for Careers

NSA prides itself on cultivating world-class cybersecurity professionals who solve increasingly complex and dynamic challenges. We offer valuable career development programs for employees, and we offer students hands-on experience through paid internships, scholarships and co-op programs.

Resources for Partners & Customers

NSA partners with allies, industry and researchers to strengthen cybersecurity awareness, to advance the state of cybersecurity. See below for resources, partnership opportunities. Note: Links below include some gated content. Partners and customers can register here for access to gated content.

Cybersecurity Advisories, Risk Notices, Tips and Advice for Partners & Customers

Partnership Opportunities: