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Trusted Integrator List

Criteria for CSfC Integrators

Click here to download the updated criteria and application for CSfC Integrators. These criteria and processes are defined to provide a common baseline for CSfC solution integrators, enabling NSA, AOs/Designated Approving Authorities (DAAs) to assess the capabilities of solution integrators and accept their results. Interested integrators may submit their application to CSFC_Integrators@nsa.gov. Questions may be submitted to the same email address.

Click here for the listing of Archived Trusted Integrators. Companies on the Archived Trusted Integrators List no longer have a formal relationship with the CSfC PMO.

Attention Integrators: While CSfC encourages industry innovation, trustworthiness of the components is paramount. Customers and their integrators are advised that modifying a NIAP-validated component in a CSfC solution may invalidate its certification and trigger a revalidation process. To avoid delays, customers or integrators who feel it is necessary to modify a component should engage the component vendor and consult NIAP through their Assurance Continuity process to determine whether such a modification will affect the component's certification. In case of a modification to a component, NSA's CSfC Program Management Office will require a statement from NIAP that the modification does not alter the certification, or the security, of the component. Modifications that will trigger the revalidation process include, but are not limited to: configuring the component in a manner different than its NIAP-validated configuration; and modifying the original equipment manufacturers' (OEM's) code (to include digitally signing the code).


Company Name POC Name Title Phone Number Email
4n2n Solutions, LLC. Scott Morrison Information Technology Architect 850-389-2998 scott.morrison@4n2nsolutions.com
Agile Defense, Inc. Hector Collazo Systems Engineer 571-781-0464 hector.collazo@agile-defense.com
American Systems Landon Rogers Program Manager 703-968-5394 landon.rogers@americansystems.com
Lewis Taylor Program Manager 301-219-4671 fountain.taylor@americansystems.com
Apriva ISS, LLC. Robert Nowak VP of Business Development 480-421-7074 rnowak@apriva.com
Thomas Grandy Sr. VP Engineering & Operations 480-421-1295 tgrandy@apriva.com
Assured Information Security, Inc. Sue Stein SecureView Deployment Program Manager 315-336-3306 x433 steins@ainfosec.com
AT&T CORP., Government Solutions Nick Krajewski Technical Architect 443-315-7076 csfc@att.com
Craig Munro Senior Solutions Architect 571-421-3506 csfc@att.com
Augustine Consulting, Inc. Paul Meyer Director Engineering Services 609-658-6932 paul@aciedge.com
B&D Consulting, Inc.        
Robert Provencher Director CSfC Business Development & PMO 301-766-9400 ext. 309 robert.provencher@b-dconsulting.com
BAE Systems Technology Solutions & Services Inc. Chris Denny Engineering Director 757-366-4814 christopher.denny@baesystems.com
The Boeing Company Jayson Haxton Enterprise Specialized Network Operations 314-545-5541 jayson.r.haxton@boeing.com
Booz Allen Hamilton Jeff Prevett BD Director, CSfC and Mobility Programs 301-419-5159 CSfCIntegrator@bah.com
Stephen Booher Chief Systems Architect 918-630-5964 CSfCIntegrator@bah.com
By Light Professional IT Services Jeff Adelman Vice President 703-224-1000 ext. 345 jeff.adelman@bylight.com
CACI Technologies, Inc. Rich Ouellette Homeland & National Defense (H&ND) 443-655-3453 rouellette@caci.com
Kerry Leo Homeland & National Defense (H&ND) 703-499-2436 kerry.leo@caci.com
Cambridge International Rick Mahlie Director, Engineering, Logistics & Implementation 843-414-4945 richard.mahlie@cbridgeinc.com
Steve Dellinger Project Manager, DOD Services 843-414-4918 Stephen.dellinger@cbridgeinc.com
CDW Government Jay Pasquesi Advanced Technology Account Executive 217-898-2120 jaypasq@cdwg.com
CIS Secure Computing, Inc. Ron Waranowski National Security Programs 443-744-0668 rwaranowski@cissecure.com
Collins Aerospace Shannon Harvey Staff Engineer  972-705-1859 shannon.harvey@collins.com
Crystal Clear Technologies, Inc. Jim Gray VP of Contracts 571-344-0659 jgray@crystalcleartec.com
CSRA LLC Donald Westerhoff Principal Solutions Architect (W) 813-393-5080 x1152
(C) 813-767-0198
CyberIP Services Lawny Johnson Chief Technology Officer 443-949-3301 csfc@cyberipservices.com
Deloitte LLP Mike Yoo Manager, Cyber Risk Services 571-814-6982 miyoo@deloitte.com
Enterprise Services LLC Andrew Wylie Contracts Manager 703-742-2054 andrew.wylie@hpe.com
Glenn McKnab Account Executive 301-543-1610
Mobile: 410-991-7560
Envistacom LLC Joe Galimi Sr. Director Enterprise Technologies 470-225-2559 jgalimi@envistacom.com
Futron, Inc. Shakil Matt Qureshi President 571-402-3203 mqureshi@futronic.com
General Dynamics Mission Systems Chuck Roose   888-897-3148 infosec@gd-ms.com
General Dynamics/Electric Boat Corporation Carl Lins-Morstadt Principal Engineer 860-867-3621 cmorstad@gdeb.com
General Dynamics Information Technology Michael Bland Solutions Director 571-455-3269 Michael.d.bland@gdit.com
William Weaver CSfC Solution Architect 703-995-6251 william.weaver@gdit.com
Sean McGinnis Praxis CSfC Engineer 301-490-4299 csfc@praxiseng.com
Global Technical Systems Tom Winders Director of IT Security and Product Certification 757-468-8751 ext: 5197 tom.winders@gts.us.com
GuROO LLC Jon Spindler Principal Network Engineer 703-936-2202 jon.spindler@gurooit.com
Phillip Acosta President 703-582-9345 phillip.acosta@gurooit.com
IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Seth Meyer Deputy Program Manager 443-648-2244 seth.m.meyer@iapws.com
Aaron Speight Program Manager 571-292-7843 aaron.speight@iapws.com
IBM Joseph Morrison Sales and Growth Team 703-629-7794 jmorrisn@us.ibm.com
ID Technologies Christopher Oliver President 703-554-1678 coliver@idtec.com
iGov Technologies, Inc. Tom Walsh Vice President, Contracts 703-749-0874 twalsh@igov.com
Integrio Technologies Tony West Senior VP, Federal Sales & Marketing 571-299-1352 tony.west@integrio.com
Intelligent Waves, LLC Marqus Hutchinson Chief Technology Officer 703-766-7999 x117 marqus.hutchinson@intelligentwaves.com
Iron Bow Technologies  John Odey AF Business Dev Director and NC-2 Manager 618-606-2506 john.odey@ironbow.com
Darryl Korynta Vice President, Professional Services & Engineering 703-279-3033 darryl.korynta@ironbow.com
IT Veterans, LLC Austin West Managing Member 703-376-7751 austin@itveterans.com
Key Management Solutions Patrick Guerin President & Director R&D 719-238-7561 pguerin@kmssecurity.com
Kord Technologies, Inc. Steve Cornelius Senior Vice President 256-361-5141 steve.cornelius@kordtechnologies.com
Leidos Innovations Corporation Mark Catlin Solutions Architect 858-826-5288 mark.k.catlin@leidos.com
Life Cycle Engineering Michael Hoyt Director of Cyber Security Operations 843-744-7110 ext. 7264 mhoyt@Ice.com
 Don Davis Integrator/Instructor 843-513-3442 ddavis@Ice.com
LinQuest Corporation Mike Fauber Lab Manager 703-581-6267 mike.fauber@linquest.com
L3 Harris Technologies Mike Brady Solution Architect, Engineering Staff 856-338-3985 michael.brady@L3Harris.com
Walter Smith Director, Cyber Program 856-338-2928 walter.m.smith@L3Harris.com
John Davis   615-200-7771 john.m.davis@L3Harris.com
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Darren Alleyne Enterprise Cybersecurity Architect 408-756-6663 Darren.alleyne@lmco.com
Lumen Technologies Government Solutions Jeremy James Director of Federal Programs 703-363-8520 Jeremy.james@lumen.com
Tina Bohse Director Business Development 443-354-4914 tina.bohse@lumen.com
MAG DS Corp Michael Henderson Network Engineer 910-243-4578 michael.henderson@magaero.com
Jim Thompson Network Architect 910-491-7520 jim.thompson@magaero.com
M.C. Dean, Inc. Bryan Thomas Program Manager 571-262-8369 bryan.thomas@mcdean.com
The Mil Corporation Harvil Jenkins Vice President 301-863-4628 hjenkins@milcorp.com
Garrett Smith Senior Systems Engineer 240-434-3199 gsmith@milcorp.com
Mission 1st Group, Inc. Buddy McCarthy Vice President of Operations 571-292-3679 jmccarthy@mission1st.com
Motorola Solutions, Inc. John Pauls   +49 (0) 160-889-0486 john.pauls@motorolasolutions.com
NAVAIR Naval Air Warfare Center - Aircraft Division Michael Coniglio   301-995-8424 michael.coniglio@navy.mil
NCI Information Systems, Inc. Allen Badeau Chief Technology Officer 703-707-6638 abadeau@nciinc.com
Network Designs, Inc. William Turmel Senior Vice President Cyberspace Operations 703-999-4728 bturmel@netdes.com
NexTech Solutions LLC Kristopher Nagy Executive Vice President 904-458-7658 kris@nextechsol.com
Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Christopher Smith Senior Systems Engineer 858-618-7703 CSfC@ngc.com
Alex Barron Senior Principle System Engineer 858-514-9650 alex.barron@ngc.com
Oceus Networks Chris Hill Director, Engineering 214-778-6386 chill@oceusnetworks.com
Robert Greco Solutions Architect 703-880-9566 rgreco@oceusnetworks.com
Steve McCutchen Vice President, Strategic Development 703-234-9188 smccutchen@oceusnetworks.com
Ortman Consulting, LLC Theresa Boyd Senior Enterprise Engineer 301-821-8909 csfc@ortmanconsulting.com
OSC Edge, LLC Lee Hendrickson Chief Technology Officer 877-672-1025 ext. 702 lee.hendrickson@oscedge.com
Corey Ogletree Director of Cyber Security 877-672-1025 ext. 711 corey.ogletree@oscedge.com
Richard Islas Senior Solutions Architect 877-672-1025 ext. 706 Richard.islas@oscedge.com
Peraton Jon Hummer   703-739-1708 jhummer@peraton.com
Stuart Renaud   301-256-0895 srenau01@peraton.com
Perfecta Federal Jerry Wykoff   202-888-4949 csfc@perfecta.com
Perspecta Labs Inc. Vikram Kaul CSfC Chief Engineer 908-748-2424 vkaul@perspectalabs.com
Eric Jung Program Manager, CSfC Solutions 908-748-2684 ejung@perspectalabs.com
Progeny Systems Corp. Jonathan Felmey Program Manager 571-393-6082 csfc@progeny.net
Raytheon Technologies James Halbert   972-344-3866 james.m.halbert@raytheon.com
Alexis Scott   972-344-6613 alexis.scott@raytheon.com
Red River Technology Ramon Thomas Manager, Design Engineering 201-205-6821 ramon.thomas@redriver.com
Referentia Systems Nelson Kanemoto CEO 808-840-8500 nkanemoto@referentia.com
SAIC Robert Morris Solutions Director, Cyber Solutions 703-679-7260 robert.a.morris@saic.com
Dr. Edward Jennings CSfC and Mobility SME 843-647-6536 edward.c.p.jennings.jr@saic.com
Scientific Research Corporation Susan Zitnick Director of Business Capture 843-308-2523 szitnick@scires.com
Seakr Engineering Scott Senter Vice President 720-229-0940 scott.senter@seakr.com
Troy Svigel Senior Systems Engineer 720-229-0975 troy.svigel@seakr.com
Solers, Inc. Ronya Misleh Proposal Manager 703-841-6128 rmisleh@solers.com
SOS International Sarah Stull Security Manager 813-514-7122 sarah.stull@sosi.com
Technica Corp. Tabitha Fletcher Subcontracts Manager 703-662-2052 tfletcher@technicacorp.com
Trace Systems, Inc. Matthew Sodano VP
703-962-9703 msodano@tracesystems.com
Tribalco, LLC. Joseph Castro Sr. Vice President 301-652-8450 joseph.castro@tribalco.com
Unisys Corporation Bernard Dehmelt, Jr Senior Engineering Project Manager 215-274-1393 bernard.dehmeltjr@unisys.com
U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory John Woodruff SecureView Program Manager 315-330-7156 John.woodruff.3@us.af.mil
David DeProspero SecureView Infrastructure Lead & Lab Manager 315-330-2749 david.deprospero.1@us.af.mil
U.S. Army C5ISR Center Matthew Lazzaro CM Branch Chief 443-395-8029 Matthew.t.lazzaro.civ@mail.mil
Eric Gursky CSfC Chief Engineer 443-395-8094 Eric.m.gursky.civ@mail.mil
US Naval Information Warfare Systems Command - Atlantic Tao Rocha CSfC Chief Engineer 843-218-5102 tao.rocha@navy.mil
Cecil Williams Engineering Lead 843-218-6739 cecil.k.williams@navy.mil
Stephen Stogner Engineer 843-218-7921 Stephen.stogner@navy.mil
David Bate Engineer 843-218-2703 david.bate@navy.mil
James Chambers Engineer 843-218-4588 james.r.chambers1@navy.mil
Christal Martin Engineer 843-218-3130 christal.f.martin@navy.mil
US Naval Information Warfare Systems Command - Pacific Dr. Russ Grall CSfC Chief Engineer 808-471-2197 csfc_sscpac@navy.mil
Darren Miyamoto CSfC Program Manager 531-213-3118 or 808-471-0064 csfc_sscpac@navy.mil
VAE, Inc. Chuck Chalfont Project Manager 254-423-1613 chuck.chalfont@vaeit.com
Kornel Gyalokay Chief Technology Officer 703-942-6727 kornel.gyalokay@vaeit.com
Verizon John Birrane Managing Client Partner 240-568-1157 john.w.birrane@verizon.com
Lamont Copeland Senior Manager Enterprise Architecture 703-694-4238 lamont.copeland@verizon.com
ViaSat, Inc. Phil Mar VP Advanced Networking and Cybersecurity Solutions 760-476-2532


David Schmolke Business Area Director Advanced Networking Solutions 760-476-2461 david.schmolke@viasat.com
Russell Glenn Solutions Engineer Advanced Networking and Cybersecurity Solutions 240-285-4743 Russell.glenn@viasat.com
World Wide Technology, Inc. Catherine Carpenter Manager, Program Management Office 314-919-1677 cathy.carpenter@wwt.com
Gregory Brush Director of Business Development - Federal Office: 314-569-7066
Mobile: 314-374-0601
Marty Edmonds Senior Systems Engineering Manager Mobile: 757-814-3943 marty.edmonds@wwt.com

Attention CSfC Customers: Please ensure that all submitted registration packages contain solution diagrams. If sending .zip files, please follow-up with the CSfC PMO at csfc@nsa.gov to ensure the file(s) were successfully received. Also, please advise us when you are deciding to implement a CSfC solution. We would like to ensure your solution can be registered as quickly as possible for approval. However, deviations discovered at the end of the process can be time-consuming for you and resource-intensive for NSA. Please email the CSfC team at csfc_register@nsa.gov.