NSA/CSS Georgia


NSA/CSS Georgia recently celebrated its 20th birthday and is designed to meet the nation's changing needs for regional intelligence support and to accommodate the fiscal realities of the 1990's. The primary mission has been to ensure that deployed U.S. forces receive accurate, timely, expedient information all across the globe.

NSA/CSS Georgia Corporate Identity

NSA/CSS Georgia specializes in working closely with military customers to understand their operations, their requirements and their culture to ensure that signals intelligence is tailored and responsive to the needs of the warfighter.

NSA/CSS Georgia routinely crafts new analysis, reporting, and dissemination approaches, focusing on time-sensitive production to support crisis situations and emerging threats.

NSA/CSS Georgia established itself as a leading provider of operational, technical and language training. The center integrates the training and operational needs of both national and tactical military personnel in one central location.