NSA/CSS Colorado


NSA/CSS Colorado is a multi-disciplined cryptologic center that leverages partnerships to produce integrated intelligence critical to warfare in support of national missions and priorities world-wide. NSAC is the enterprise center for overhead technical signals intelligence (TechSIGINT) collection and processing the hub for management of the global overhead SIGINT mission, is a corporate leader in innovative cryptologic discovery, and is the focal point for ELINT analysis and tradecraft development.


NSA/CSS Colorado: Innovative Global Response – On Time, On Target

NSA/CSS Colorado Corporate Identity

NSA/CSS Colorado is a globally-focused multi-mission cryptologic center that:

  • Leads the worldwide end-to-end production of Weapons & Space SIGINT, and provides related data and expertise to other SIGINT Product Lines.
  • Is the center-of-gravity for the cryptologic sub-discipline of TechSIGINT.
  • Plans and executes overhead operations on behalf of the entire Agency through the joint NSA-NRO Overhead Collection Management Center.
  • Provides 24x7 time-sensitive SIGINT watch operations to flex to meet customer needs and real-world situations.
  • Powers the NSA/CSS Colorado mission by delivering technology services to our local, regional, and global customers.
  • Collaborates with National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and NGA to deliver unique intelligence based on a scale of inter-agency collocation available only in Denver and that's unparalleled in the Intelligence Community.

NSA/CSS Colorado's work is often time-sensitive, involves local and distant partners, and always demands the best of our SIGINT, technology, and support professionals.