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Pathway to Success Presentation

"Pathway to Success" is a monthly presentation that helps companies, large and small, learn about the Agency's needs and special programs that help increase NSA's industrial base. Attendees will learn about the Acquisition Resource Center (ARC), how it is used, the importance of a company profile, and how to market their company's capabilities to the Agency. This presentation helps companies "get started" with NSA and is held in lieu of one-on-one meetings.

Registration is required in advance and is secured on a first-come, first-served basis. For additional information on getting started and how to register to attend the Pathway to Success presentation, visit Getting Started.

Please note: you must be a US citizen to attend. Registration is limited to two people per company.

Technology Expositions/Vendor Showcases

These events are held in Agency spaces and provide companies with a cost and time effective forum to demonstrate their capabilities to NSA personnel. Companies with similar capabilities and/or socioeconomic status are invited to maximize the networking opportunities.

Registration announcements are published on the NSA ARC website.

Business in a Minute

Our annual Business in a Minute event consists of focused meetings scheduled throughout the day between industry representatives, NSA prime contractors, and NSA government representatives. Industry representatives are given 15 minutes to spotlight their company's capabilities to prime contractors and government representatives who either schedule a follow-up meeting with the company or provide constructive feedback on the company's products/services.

Registration announcements are published on the NSA ARC website prior to the event.

NSA/Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association (AFCEA) Mission & Acquisition Symposium (NAMAS)

NAMAS is an annual classified event held each fall that provides detailed information about NSA's future plans. During this event, NSA provides industry with mission and acquisition information, such as focus areas, near-term contract solicitation schedules, and long-term government business forecasts. The symposium strengthens NSA's business partnerships and supports companies' strategic business planning. Attendance is restricted to individuals with appropriate clearance levels.

Prior to the event, registration announcements are published on the NSA ARC website.

NSA Acquisition/Industry Partnership Exchange (NAIPE)

NAIPE is an annual unclassified conference held each spring for companies actively working under an NSA contract as a prime contractor or subcontractor. This event is designed to give contractors the opportunity to meet with NSA representatives from select Agency organizations to discuss issues and challenges faced while doing business with NSA. The event includes presentations by NSA acquisition executives and informative breakout sessions.

Announcements regarding registration are published on the NSA ARC website prior to the event.