NSA/CSS Hawaii


NSA Hawaii (NSAH), as part of the NSA/CSS Global Cryptologic Enterprise, conducts signals intelligence (SIGINT) on foreign intelligence targets, cybersecurity operations to protect United States Government communications, and conducts cyberspace operations in order to gain a decisive advantage for the Nation and our allies and partners. To this end, NSAH maintains global focus against assigned foreign countries and transnational topics; conducts joint SIGINT activities in support of departments, agencies, commands, and activities of the United States Government; and provides SIGINT and cybersecurity services to designated U.S military commands and other authorized recipients.

Corporate Identity

NSAH provides tailored SIGINT and cybersecurity support to the Warfighter through the following actions:

  • Directly supports the build-out and operations of Cyber Mission Forces teams located at NSAH
  • Provides efficient, responsive, and secure technology services in support of NSAH cryptologic missions and key partners throughout our Area of Responsibility
  • Assigns, organizes, trains, and administers civilian and military personnel for deployment to critical areas of interest
  • Provides oversight of all NSAH mission operations and enabler/support activities
  • Leads and trains a skilled, diverse NSAH workforce