Cryptologic Heritage

Today NSA/CSS again finds itself in the midst of challenging times. We recognize the importance not only of focusing on the tasks ahead but also of taking a step back to examine understand and appreciate our rich cryptologic heritage.

Through the Center for Cryptologic History, the National Cryptologic Museum, and the NSA/CSS Cryptologic Memorial, NSA/CSS is able to share with the public-at-large some of the significant contributions cryptologists have made to the defense of our Nation. People at home and around the world can learn about the key role that NSA's missions have played in world events. From the outstanding cryptanalysis of the VENONA project, which identified numerous Soviet agents in the United States, to the way sophisticated direction finding helped track Soviet intentions when the Cuban Missile Crisis threatened nuclear war, to breakthrough achievements in the development of the computer and the amazing advancements of secure communications capabilities - codemakers and codebreakers were there.