Advancing Intelligence through Science

NSA Research focuses on innovation and collaboration to maintain the competitive edge.


NSA conducts leading-edge research to advance U.S. intelligence and national security capabilities by inventing, developing, and applying advancements in science and emerging technologies.

The Next Wave

NSA offers the latest news on emerging technologies in research.

Mission-Oriented Research

NSA focuses on seven mission-oriented research areas.

Science of Security

NSA sponsors the Science of Security (SoS) Initiative for the promotion of a foundational cybersecurity science that is needed to mature the cybersecurity discipline and to underpin advances in cyber defense. 

Technology Transfer Program

NSA Technology Transfer Program transfers NSA-developed technology to industry, academia, and other research organizations, benefitting the economy and the Agency mission. The program has an extensive portfolio of patented technologies across multiple technology areas. 

Mathematical Sciences Program

NSA Mathematical Sciences Program is proud to offer grant funding for eligible faculty members because it recognizes the mutual benefit of maintaining a vigorous academic mathematics community.

Featured Publications by NSA Researchers

NSA researchers are active in their fields within and outside of NSA. View a list of their external publications via the button below.