The National Cryptologic University (NC-U) is the education and training element of the National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) or “Agency.” The National Cryptologic School changed its name to the NC-U in 2022 reflecting the evolution of NC-U’s educational achievements over 56 years from when NCS was first established as a trade school.

NC-U is responsible for academic and professional development in cryptologic and cryptologic-related disciplines in support of U.S. mission requirements. NC-U executes this responsibility through its curriculum stretching and over 1600 courses spanning cryptology, cyber, language, business and leadership, the NC-U is the one on the premier educational institutions within the Department of Defense.


Deliver high-quality education & training to meet enterprise needs and develop/retain talent.


Develop a culture of strategic data responsiveness to continuously improve services.


Optimize resources – human, financial, technological, and spatial – to be nimble and agile in the delivery of education & training; regularly match and realign resources to synchronize with mission priorities and develop resiliency.


Modernize the learning technology ecosystem and grow our tradecraft to deliver services at scale to the workforce based on needs and accessibility.

Education and Professional Development 

NC-U offers professional education in five focus areas: Cryptology, Language, Business, Leadership and Cyber.

College Programs

NC-U offers several external college programs to help students gain college degrees.


NC-U partners with schools to help cultivate the next generation of experts in science, technology, engineering, math, language and analysis to protect the nation.


NC-U is a nationally accredited Institution of higher learning.