Technical Signals Intelligence

NSA Technical Signals Intelligence (TechSIGINT) provides understanding of foreign weapons, air, and space systems. This knowledge is an important part of NSA's role as a Combat Support Agency, providing support to development of U.S. and Allied weapons, air, and space systems and military operations across the globe - in all domains related-to air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace. TechSIGINT also provides valuable insights to U.S. policy makers, decision- makers, and organizational leaders that guide the United States' role as a world leader in military weapons and space systems and technologies.

TechSIGINT accomplishes this through:

  • Identifying the foreign weapons, air, and space system
  • Determining how the foreign weapons, air, and space system being employed or used
  • Defining the status of the foreign weapons, air, or space system