Capability Package & Annex Schedule

NSA uses a specific implementation process as a guide to releasing capabilities packages and annexes. Below is a list of upcoming packages and when we anticipate release.

Project Capability Package/Annex Upcoming Version Phase Projected Final Release Date Upcoming Version Anticipated Highlights 
1 Campus WLAN 3.2 1 May 2026
  • Updated Requirement Alternatives Referenced in Tactical Appendix
  • Incorporated Higher Resolution Diagrams
2 Multi Site Connectivity 1.3 1 February 2026
  • Expanded Administrative Desktop Requirements
  • Expand MACsec Key Agreement (MKA) Requirements
  • Added Tunnel Mode as a Threshold Requirement
3 Mobile Access 2.6 5 April 2024
  • Changed requirements MA-2F-1 through MA-2F-12 from Objective to T=O
  • Modification to MA-PS-25 verbiage
  • Renamed Section 8 from Continuous Monitoring to Supporting Documents
  • Added Section 8.1 Continuous Monitoring Overview
  • Added Section 8.2 Key Management Overview
  • Added Section 8.3 Enterprise Gray Overview
  • Minor administrative changes were made in formatting and punctuation
  • Wireless Dedicated Outer VPN added for Tactical use case
  • All references to Two-Factor Authentication changed to Multi-Factor
  • All 2F requirements renamed to MFA
4 Key Management 2.1 6 May 2022- Released
  • Relocated KM product selection requirements from all Data-in-Transit CSfC Capability Packages (CPs)
  • Relocated and updated KM role-based personnel requirements from all CSfC CPs
  • Added additional requirements to improve separation of inner and outer Public Key Infrastructure (PKIs)
  • Added Password/Passphrase Strength Parameters appendix from DAR CP
  • Relocated and updated Enterprise Gray KM requirements from CSfC Enterprise Gray Implementation Requirements Annex
  • Added additional Certification Authorities deployment options figures
  • Updated Appendix C: References
  • Minor administrative changes were made in formatting and punctuation
5 Symmetric Key Management 2.1 6 May 2022- Released
  • Updated KGS product selection criteria
  • Updated wording in Section 2.1 to improve and clarify PSK usage guidance
  • Updated IPsec with RFC 8784-compliant implementation of IKE v2 PSK usage requirements
  • Updated outer PSK classification requirement
  • Added role-based personnel requirements
  • Updated Appendix B: References
  • Minor administrative changes were made in formatting
6 WIDS/WIPS 2.0 5 March 2024
  • Extended Detection Requirement expansion
    • Cellular
    • Bluetooth Classic
    • Bluetooth Low Energy
    • Building Automation Protocols
  • Make changes for monitoring WP3
  • Improve wording and verbiage
7 Enterprise Gray 2.0 2 August 2024
  • Add new capability for High Availability (HA) to allow for Encryption Components and Firewalls to be deployed in HA configuration
  • Add new capability for Scalable Administration  of EG Network to allow for on premise CSfC EUD to manage CSfC Solutions
  •  Add additional requirements for clarity
  •  Improve wording and verbiage
8 Data at Rest 5.1 2 March 2025
  • Expanded options and guidance for 2FA/multifactor authentication and passwords
  • Expanded DAR location-based services (DARLS) requirements and testing
  • Expanded and clarified the Unattended Use-Case
  • Added a section on DAR virtual EUDs
  • Expanded the Supply Chain Risk Management Requirements
  • Added a S2 Solution Design (SWFDE/SWFDE)
9 Continuous Monitoring  2.0.0 3 August 2025
  • Enhanced Guidance for MSC; Incorporate consolidated monitoring through the use of Enterprise Gray for customers with many sites
  • Update of Monitoring Points tables for clarity
  • Editorial changes as needed
10 Tactical 1.0 5 May 2024
  • Provides target guidance to customers conducting tactical operations within the Tactical Edge
  • Only provides guidance to customers operating with Tactical Secret data
  • Provides wireless communication options that rely on Campus WLAN architecture to provide inter-soldier communications
  • Provides a solution to replace HA products with commercial products for Tactical Radios within the Tactical Edge