Research and Technology Applications


NSA's Office of Research and Technology Applications (ORTA) is guided by the White House Cross Agency Priority Goal: Lab to Market. The focus of this goal is to increase the economic impact of federally –funded research and development by accelerating and improving the transfer of technologies from the laboratory to the commercial marketplace.

NSA ORTA's Technology Transfer Program (TTP) builds on innovation and shares knowledge through collaborations with industry, academia, and other government agencies. These collaborations offer:

  • Benefits:

    • Government can access external people, knowledge, intellectual property, capabilities, and facilities to achieve mission goals and promote economic growth

    • Business can access innovative technology to achieve market advantage and differentiation

  • Results:

    • Share costs, greater efficiency

    • Leverage R&D resources

    • Advance science, grow technology

    • Accelerate mission solutions and technology commercialization

NSA's TTP was officially launched in 1990 under the legislative authority of the Technology Transfer Act of 1986. The program facilitates the exploration and formalization of partnerships between NSA and outside organizations. Leveraging partnerships has a significant impact on our ability to meet dynamic, time sensitive mission requirements. Additionally, these collaborations can result in significant cost savings, profits, and technological advancements.