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Oct. 17, 2016

NSA Announces Winner of Annual Cybersecurity Research Paper Competition

2016 Press Release

Oct. 27, 2015

In Discussion with Brad Martin, Senior Researcher, NSA Research Directorate - Science and Technology for 21st Century Smart Systems

Discussions with Brad Martin, Senior Researcher, NSA Research Directorate, about the Internet of Things (IoT). What is the Internet of Things? Internet of Things (IoT) is considered to be the physical devices with compute power that are connected to the Internet. These objects can collect and share information, and communicate over the Internet. Experts predict that there will be over 20 billion IoT devices by 2020.

Oct. 9, 2015

In Discussion with Philip Quade, Chief of NSA Cyber Task Force

Discussions with Philip Quade, Chief of NSA Cyber Task Force, about resilience/resiliency in relation to cybersecurity.

Oct. 1, 2015

In Discussion with Curt Dukes (IAD) - Overview of NSA's Cyber Security Mission

Discussions with Curt Dukes, IAD, about NSA's role in Cyber Security, and how NSA/IAD protect national security networks.

Aug. 21, 2015

NSA Announces Winner of Annual Cybersecurity Research Paper Competition

A research paper about a technique that measures the vulnerability of computer systems by the amount of information they mistakenly spill is the winner of the National Security Agency's third annual Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper Competition.

July 9, 2015

NSA Shares Cyber Tool on Agency's Corporate GitHub Website

A National Security Agency cyber tool that allows computer systems to maintain a specific security posture is now publicly available on GitHub, a website for sharing source code - making it easier for other government organizations and private industry to adopt the tool to help fortify their networks against cyber threats.

April 22, 2014

National Security Agency Announces the Creation of New "Lablets" in Support of the Science of Security

For the past three years, the National Security Agency (NSA) and US Government have been partnering with academia to create a research community dedicated to the Science of Security (SoS). More recently, NSA made a strong commitment to this venture by giving almost three hundred departments at universities the opportunity to receive funding to develop "Lablets" in partnership with private industry and NSA.

July 19, 2013

NSA Announces Winner of its First Annual "Science of Security Competition"

Dr. Joseph Bonneau's research centered on the use and strength of passwordsA research paper that was

Feb. 12, 2001

NSA Employees Receive First-Ever Royalty Checks

On 14 February 2001 the Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) Lt Gen Michael Hayden will present the first-ever royalty checks to two NSA employees for their invention of software source code that NSA licensed to Raytheon Company which then developed a commercial product that it has sold to other Department of Defense agencies and commercial entities.