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News | Nov. 22, 2017

NSA: Thankful for Our Dedicated Workforce

Harvest-themed illustration with the words NSA's unsung heroes deserve our thanks.

The National Security Agency is thankful for its many unsung heroes - those who help the U.S. government determine what adversaries are planning, when they're planning to carry it out, with whom they're working, and even the kinds of weapons they may be using.

The stakes are high. The hours are long. Instead of Kevlar and guns, they have computers and energy drinks. And in some cases, they come to work - after months or even years of effort - only to find that they must start anew. The enemy is never static.

These patriots are behind the scenes, away from cameras and Washington panel discussions. Their greatest achievements cannot be shared in public - not if the nation expects their success to continue.

They're your neighbors and fellow taxpayers. They're in the bleachers with you. You don't know how much they contribute to national security. We do. And we value them all the more because of their dedication to a mission where public praise is rarely appropriate.

Our people make all the difference. They are NSA.