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Feb. 27, 2023

Relationships Driving Mission Success: Stephanie’s Path at NSA

Stephanie Foster always worked hard to be the best leader she can be — and now her leadership skills are now on display daily at the National Security Agency (NSA) as a force multiplier driving mission success.

Feb. 13, 2023

Challenge, Overcome, Give Back: Kenneth’s NSA Story

For Black History Month, NSA is proud to present “Who We Are,” an article series that spotlights African American employees and allies who continue to advocate for diversity and who are helping to shape an inclusive culture across the Enterprise.

Sept. 26, 2022

NSA, Intelligence Community Leaders Lift Veil on Strategic Priorities during 2022 Intelligence and National Security Summit

National Security Agency (NSA) Deputy Director George Barnes recently sat alongside leaders from five Intelligence Community (IC) counterparts to discuss the IC’s response to current events, emerging threats, and collaboration between government, industry, and academia at the 2022 Intelligence and National Security Summit.

Aug. 23, 2022

‘Where Intelligence Goes to Work’: NSA recruitment efforts never stop

The National Security Agency’s (NSA) greatest strength is truly the people and the workforce behind the mission.

March 30, 2019

Leadership Through Storytelling

Growing up, Marianne Bailey’s father introduced her to the world of technology and told her she could be whatever she wanted to be. Over the years, she had many mentors, like her high school physics teacher, giving her that same message. A message she is passing on to future generations.

Nov. 22, 2017

NSA: Thankful for Our Dedicated Workforce

The National Security Agency is thankful for its many unsung heroes.

Nov. 22, 2016

NSA Professionals: A Calling and An Honor

At the National Security Agency, we thank the dedicated men and women who work around the clock to keep our nation safe.

Nov. 24, 2015

NSA Employees: A Calling and An Honor

This November, NSA employees tell why they see working at NSA as a calling and an honor.

Oct. 28, 2015

The Road to an Optimal Cybersecurity Workforce

The Road to an Optimal Cybersecurity Workforce - A Quick Perspective: Necessary Drivers, Possible Roadblocks, and Current Directions

Sept. 18, 2015

President Obama Thanks NSA Workforce for Dedicated Service

President Obama met with a group of about 250 employees at the National Security Agency's headquarters on 9/11 to thank them for their ongoing support in defense of the nation – a visit that employees characterized as an honor for foreign intelligence and information assurance professionals accustomed to serving in silence.