ATTENTION: The museum is currently closed for renovations. Contact us to schedule a virtual tour. Follow us on Twitter @NatCryptoMuseum for more information on our new exhibits debuting in fall 2022.
Tours & Education Programs

While the National Cryptologic Museum is closed for renovations, the Museum’s Director of Education is available for several talks on cryptologic history, including both virtual presentations and limited in-person presentations.

To schedule a presentation, please call: 301-688-5849, fill out the submission form below, or email

Topics include:

  • Advancing Technology -  the interconnected history of cryptology and the advancements in technology from ancient times through the space age – (high school through adults)
  • American Secrets  an overview of cryptology in American history, from Revolutionary War invisible ink, through breaking WWII German Enigma messages, to today's secure voice communications – (high school through adults)
  • *Battle of Codes the cryptology in WWII, both how the U.S. protected its communications and broke enemy messages – (middle school students* through adults)
  • *Cold War: Tension and Response – the role of the National Security Agency and Signals Intelligence during the Cold War – (middle school students* through adults)
  • Creating the Legacy — the role of women in American cryptologic history – (high school through adults)
  • *Revolutionary Secrets — cryptologic techniques and their role in the American Revolution – (custom talks for elementary students* through adults)
  • Secrets: Making and Breaking — introduction to cryptologic techniques with examples from the 18th - 20th centuries – (middle through high school)
  • *Signaling the Civil War — cryptology and communications in the American Civil War – (custom talks for elementary students* through adults)
  • Steganography a short history of hiding messages whether hidden in a shoe, microdots, or computer pixels – (middle school students through adults)
  • Solving the Enigma — history of the German cipher machine, Enigma, and how it was solved by the Allies – (high school through adult)
  • Talking in Code — history of the Native American Code Talkers, including a fun game – (custom talks for elementary students through adults)
  • Sharing the Burden — the role of women in cryptology specifically during World War II – (high school through adult)
  • *Writing Made Secret – the history of writing and the development of cryptology – (custom talks for elementary students* through adults)

(*These presentations meet specific Maryland Dept. of Education Social Studies standards.)

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