Speaker Topics


NSA may support speaking engagements on a variety of topics, including but not limited to those listed below.


Cybersecurity is an NSA priority and our work against adversaries in the cyber domain is critical to the nation and world. Topics include Cyber Hygiene, Cybersecurity Authorities, Cyber Threat Landscape, 5G, Protective DNS, Zero Trust.


Partnerships and policies are necessary for NSA’s success, and our workforce works hard to ensure customers receive the critical intelligence and cybersecurity products and services needed to accomplish their mission and to protect the nation. Topics include Operational Security, Public & Private Partnerships, Civil Liberties & Privacy, U.S. Cyber Command Partnership Overview, Cryptologic Centers, Cybersecurity Policy, Intelligence Oversight.


NSA works collectively with our local and global communities to foster the development and delivery of the best security products and services. Topics include Cryptologic History, Diversity and Inclusion, Commitment to the Environment, Logistics Management.

Defend the Nation.

The NSA workforce discovers our adversaries' vulnerabilities, protects U.S. information, and outmaneuvers bad actors in cyberspace while protecting the privacy rights of the American people. Topics include Election Security, Big Data, Development Operations (DevOps), Military Support, Cyber threats, Threat Advisories/ Guidance, Cybersecurity Products and Services, Cyber Defense.

Secure the Future.

The NSA workforce understands the changing pace of technology, thus they develop techniques and capabilities that provide timely secure information to service members and our national leaders. We will continue to research and develop emerging technologies for transforming raw data into actionable information. Topics include Information and Communications Technology Standards, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Open Source, Technology Transfer, Cryptography, Internet of Things.