Gulf of Tonkin

Please Note: These historical documents are PDF images of formerly classified carbon paper and reports that have been declassified. Due to the age and poor quality of some of the PDF images, a screen reader may not be able to process the images into word documents. In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, individuals may request that the government provide auxiliary aids or services to ensure effective communication of the substance of the documents. For such requests, please contact the Freedom of Information Act Office at or Public Affairs Office at 443-634-0721.

Gulf of Tonkin - 11/30/2005 and 05/30/2006

On 30 November 2005, the National Security Agency (NSA) released the first installment of previously classified information regarding the Vietnam era, specifically the Gulf of Tonkin incident. This release includes a variety of articles, chronologies of events, oral history interviews, signals intelligence (SIGINT) reports and translations, and other related memoranda.

On 30 May 2006, NSA released the second and final installment of Gulf of Tonkin materials. This final release includes additional articles, chronologies of events, oral history interviews, and other related memoranda.

The opinions expressed within the documents in both releases are those of the authors and individuals interviewed. They do not necessarily represent the official views of the National Security Agency.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident, like others in our nation's history, has become the center of considerable controversy and debate. It is not NSA's intention to prove or disprove any one set of conclusions, many of which can be drawn from a thorough review of this material. Instead, through these public releases, we intend to make as much information as possible available for the many scholars, historians, academia, and members of the general public who find interest in analyzing the information and forming their own conclusions.


 REL2_STEAKLEY.PDFCol Ralph Steakley, USAF; Chronology of Events Relating to DESOTO Patrol Incidents in the Gulf of Tonkin on 2 and 4 August 1964
 REL1_DOD_INTEL.PDFDoD Intelligence Information Report
 REL2_ORDER_BATTLE.PDFDRV Naval Order of Battle
 REL2_LEVINSON.PDFLawrence Levinson, Chronology of Events - Tuesday, 4 August and Wednesday, 5 August 1964 Tonkin Gulf Strike
 REL1_LANG.PDFLt Col Delmar C. Lang USAF
 REL2_LANG.PDFLt Col Delmar C. Lang, USAF; Chronology of Events of 18-20 September 1964 in the Gulf of Tonkin
 REL2_WRIGHT_KRAEMER.PDFMarshall Wright & Sven Kraemer, Vietnam Information Group; Presidential Decisions- The Gulf of Tonkin Attacks of August 1964
 REL2_LANG_USAF.PDFMemorandum by Lt Col Delmar Lang USAF regarding United States Intelligence Board: Special Annex USIB-M-345
 REL2_WASH_POST.PDFMemorandum by NSA General Counsel Banner regarding 16 August 1964 Washington Post article
 REL2_NAV_SEC_GROUP_KLAR.PDFMemorandum for Commander Naval Security Group from N. Klar
 REL2_FITCH_DENNEY.PDFMemorandum for Lt Gen Fitch from George C. Denney Jr.
 REL1_BUZHARDT.PDFMemorandum for Mr. J. Fred Buzhardt, General Counsel OSD from Vice Admiral Noel Gayler, Subj: Request from Senator Fulbright
 REL1_CHURCH_COMM.PDFMemorandum for the Record, Subj: Church Committee Interest in Gulf of Tonkin Incident
 REL1_INTERVIEW_MCCAFFERTY.PDFMemorandum for the Record; Subj: Interview with Mr. Arthur McCafferty, White House Staff
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