Cybersecurity Products & Services

NSA experts offer the following valuable resources for cybersecurity professionals.


NSA's Open Source software site that makes NSA-developed software available to the public for use. 

Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS)

The CNSS provides a forum for the discussion of policy issues and is responsible for setting national-level cybersecurity policies, directives, instructions, operational procedures, guidance and advisories for U.S. Government departments and agencies for the security of National Security Systems (NSS) through the CNSS Issuance System.

Cybersecurity Solutions (CSS) Service Request Questionnaire

Download the request questionnaire to ensure efficient and effective scoping of your request.


Download NSA's reverse engineering tool that helps cybersecurity professionals analyze malicious code and malware like viruses and gives them a better understanding of potential vulnerabilities in their networks and systems

NSA Cybersecurity GitHub

Visit NSA's official GitHub account focused on cybersecurity.

Sample Client Validation Memo-E-mail

Download NSA's sample client validation memorandum.

Laboratory for Advanced Cybersecurity Research

NSA's Laboratory for Advanced Cybersecurity Research is the U.S. Government's premier cybersecurity research and design center where our cybersecurity experts conduct and sponsor research in the technologies and techniques used to secure America's information systems.


Unfetter is a community-driven suite of open source tools leveraging the MITRE ATT&CK™ framework, shifting the focus from indicators to a behavior-based methodology, allowing users to more effectively assess risk, advance security posture, and implement mitigations in a systemic, measurable, and meaningful way.

Info Sheet: NCTOC's Top 5 Security Operations Center Principles (March 2018)

NSA's Cybersecurity Threat Operations Center (NCTOC) serves as the focal point for execution of the agency's 24/7/365 cybersecurity operations mission.

TEMPEST Certification Program

NSA certification of a TEMPEST test service and/or manufacturing facility is a statement that the facility complies with the technical, security, personnel, equipment, and operational requirements specified in the Technical and Security Requirements Document (TSRD).