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High School Programs
Whether you're gifted in business, printing/graphic arts or computers, NSA provides on-the-job training specific to your skill set.

Spend your senior year gaining valuable work experience with NSA while earning a salary.

About the High School Work Study Program
The High School Work Study Program is designed for high school students who are enrolled in either Business or Technical Computer classes, and who plan to participate in a school-sponsored work experience program during their senior year.

About the Vo-Tech Program
The Vo-Tech Program is designed for students who are enrolled in printing/graphic arts or manufacturing classes, and who plan to participate in a school-sponsored work experience program during their senior year.

Application Deadline
Must apply between 1 September and 31 October of your junior year of high school.

Nature of the Program
When hired, employment is guaranteed from September-June of your senior year, with the possibility of an extension through late August. Your temporary, part-time employment category requires a Monday-Friday duty schedule of no more than 32 hours and no less than 20 hours per week.

You'll enhance your educational requirements with on-the-job training and continued participation in work experience at school during your senior year.

As a High School Work Study Program or Model Shop student you will earn a wage consistent with a GGD 01/01 job classification.

As a Vo-Tech Program student you will earn a wage consistent with a WGA 01/01 job classification.

You will earn sick and annual leave in proportion to time actually worked (at a rate of one hour of leave per 20 hours worked). You will also receive paid Federal holidays.

Available High School Work Study Program Positions:

  • Office Assistant – Type, file, maintain records, answer phones and operate business equipment such as word processors and personal computers
  • Computer Aide – Operate our data processing equipment, often the most sophisticated equipment on the market   

Available Vo-Tech Positions:

  • Printing/Graphic Arts – Use software to create agency brochures, pamphlets, etc.
  • Manufacturing – Use industrial assembly machines

Available Model Shop Positions:

  • Machining, sheet metal, fabrication, welding, woodworking, injection molding, and painting and plating

Job Placement After Graduation
NSA cannot guarantee permanent full- or part-time employment after completing the work-study program, however, should a permanent vacancy exist, every effort will be made to place you in one of those positions .


  • Must be eligible to be granted a security clearance
  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Must have an interest and aptitude in business computing and office technology
  • Must be a high school junior enrolled in either Business or Technical Computer classes  or printing/graphic arts or manufacturing classes (as stated above) with plans to participate in a school-sponsored work experience program throughout your senior year
  • An unweighted GPA of 2.5 or higher is preferred
  • Must be 16 years of age by August 31st following your junior year
  • Must have reliable transportation for getting to and from work

Making the Grade

  • You must meet the standards of performance on the job
  • You must maintain an unweighted 2.5 GPA throughout your junior and senior years
  • If absent from school, you must be absent from work
  • You must achieve satisfactory evaluations from both your work supervisor and work experience coordinator
  • You must complete the program year, graduate and receive your high school diploma
  • Employment may be terminated if your personal conduct warrants such action

How to Apply
Applications are accepted September 1st through October 31st of your junior year.

All applicants MUST apply online through the NSA website and follow the instructions below. Applications can be found here.

To submit a resume online during open season, click any "Apply Online" link. Under "Basic Job Search," type in keywords "High School Work Study Program," and click on "Search." Select "High School Work Study Program" and click "Apply Now." Follow the directions as prompted.
Applicants must also send in the following to complete your application packet:

  1. Hardcopy resume (must include the relevant courses completed or in progress as well as the position to which you are applying (Office Assistant, Computer Aide, Vo-Tech or Model Shop) Click here to download a sample resume.
  2. One Teacher Recommendation Form (Click here to download form)
  3. One Student Evaluation Form (Click here to download form)
  4. Official transcript from the High School

Submit your completed application package to:
National Security Agency
Office of Recruitment
9800 Savage Road
Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755-6779
Attn: HSWS Program, MB3
Applications must be postmarked by October 31st to be considered. All applications that are received after the deadline, as well as incomplete packets, will not be considered for employment.

Check with your high school work experience coordinator (typically in the business/computer/guidance department) to determine if NSA is scheduled to visit your school during the fall semester.

For more information:
If you would like additional information about the High School Work Study and Vo-Tech Programs, please contact us at the address above or call 1-866-NSA-HIRE.

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Date Posted: Jan 15, 2009 | Last Modified: Jun 29, 2015 | Last Reviewed: Jun 29, 2015