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It takes a wide variety of people to help make every NSA operation a success. We have a continuous need for people who have skills in everything from Logistics to Law, Collection to Telecommunications, and Research to Security. Generally speaking, we look for the best and the brightest who are looking for a unique working environment, advancement opportunities, and the chance to make a difference.


    If you thrive on discovering clues that uncover hidden truths, a career as an NSA Investigator may be for you. As an Investigator with NSA, you'll conduct background investigations and prepare reports on your findings. Your discoveries and recommendations will help improve NSA's ability to provide accurate intelligence and perform critical national security missions.

    Prior investigative experience is not required. You will learn to use interrogative techniques through a formal investigative training period that lasts 10-12 weeks. Through formal NSA training and rotational assignments, you will be exposed to a variety of security disciplines.

    Specific job duties include, but are not limited to, preparing reports of investigations that are factually accurate, grammatically correct and completed in a timely manner, and conducting interviews/interrogations.

    Ideal candidates should possess poise, confidence, and a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts from an accredited college or university. Investigators are expected to learn the use of interrogative techniques to resolve adjudicative issues; gain knowledge of significant suitability issues, counterintelligence indicators, and NSA policies and regulations.

    Investigators should present a mature, professional, businesslike appearance and possess the capability to interview people of varied backgrounds. Excellent verbal and written communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills are required. Ability to work well independently in a deadline driven environment is essential. Must possess a valid driver's license, responsible driving record, and the ability to qualify to carry a firearm. Some travel is required.

    NSA Police Officers

    Help protect those who keep our Nation safe with a career in Security at NSA. NSA has an ongoing requirement for personnel to serve as NSA Police Officers on its complexes in and around Fort Meade, Maryland. Qualified individuals are encouraged to apply for these positions offering exceptional training and the opportunity to serve your country as an employee of one of the most unique and respected agencies in the federal government.

    Security professionals with NSA perform functions in support of NSA's mission, assets, personnel, and facilities. Primary responsibilities include:

    • Counter-terrorism and force protection
    • Asset protection
    • Pedestrian and vehicular access control
    • Response and mitigation of security, medical, and fire emergencies
    • Critical incident management
    • Enforcement of laws and regulations relative to the protection of NSA assets
    • Vehicle, facility, and material security inspections
    • Firearms training and range management
    • Patrol of NSA property

Other Opportunities
NSA offers exciting opportunities for a wide variety of professional careers. Whether you specialize in practicing law or discovering the next technological breakthrough, we have a need for your talent and experience.

    Additional Career Paths
    Additional positions at NSA are listed below. Please check our Web site periodically for our current openings.

    • Collection
    • Education and Training
    • Facilities
    • Human Resources
    • Industrial Production
    • Logistics
    • Law
    • Middle and Senior Level Management
    • Multimedia
    • Networking and Telecommunications
    • Occupational Health
    • Research
    • Safety and Environmental

Former Federal Employees (Retirees)
Consider extending your career with NSA and continue to protect the security of our Nation. We are looking for former civilian affiliates who have unique or specialized skills, or unusual qualifications, to mentor less experienced employees and/or to fill positions critical to the accomplishment of the NSA mission on a temporary part-time or full-time basis. In return for your support, you will retain your full annuity, earn leave, and receive a competitive salary.

    Excellent opportunities to support the NSA mission exist, but are not limited to, the following areas:

    • Cryptanalysis
    • Collection
    • Intelligence Analysis
    • Language Analysis
    • Signals Analysis

    As opportunities become available, we will consider qualified candidates based on the skills needed for the position.

    Exciting opportunities exist to augment our existing workforce on high priority projects and/or programs.

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Date Posted: Jan 15, 2009 | Last Modified: Sep 12, 2014 | Last Reviewed: Sep 12, 2014