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Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity (EEOD)

At NSA, we work every day to protect the Nation's security. To meet these demands, we require a dynamic, agile workforce that reflects diversity in its broadest context. As the face of the world changes, so does the face of the National Security Agency. Our ability to bring diverse, individual experiences and perspective together will be a key part of our ability to overcome our greatest challenges and ensure our future.

EEO & Diversity Education

Recognizing that education is essential to bringing diversity awareness to the workforce, the National Security Agency is dedicated to diversity and inclusion training and education. Diversity education is an ongoing process of creating the awareness needed to manage an inclusive and diverse workforce.

EEOD provides customized presentations and seminars to the workforce, ensuring that employees have the awareness, skills, and knowledge to carry the message of diversity into their personal work environments. The goal of our diversity training program is to convey the importance of a respectful work environment, thereby maximizing every individual's potential.

Some of the courses we offer include:

  • EEO Laws, Diversity and Disability Awareness Training
  • Recognizing and Preventing Sexual Harassment
  • Disability Awareness Training
  • No FEAR Act Awareness Training
  • Senior Diversity Seminar (Mandated by DoD Directive 1350.2)
  • Unconscious Bias Training