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Korean War Era (1950-1953)

Below is a list of NSA/CSS historical publications. PDF or text file versions are available for most of the monographs and brochures. Printed copies of publications marked with an asterisk (*) may be requested from the Center for Cryptologic History via email at history@nsa.gov.

Subject Title Author Date Available Format
Korean War PFC Jay Stoner Patrick Weadon 2001 Brochure
Korean War The Korean War: The SIGINT Background * David A. Hatch and Robert Louis Benson 2000 Monograph
Pusan Perimeter SIGINT and COMSEC Help Save the Day at Pusan Patrick Weadon   Brochure
Pusan Perimeter So Power Can be Brought into Play: SIGINT and the Pusan Perimeter * Jill Frahm 2000 Monograph

Date Posted: Jan 15, 2009 | Last Modified: Jan 15, 2009 | Last Reviewed: Jan 15, 2009