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Cold War

Below is a list of NSA/CSS historical publications. PDF or text file versions are available for most of the monographs and brochures. Printed copies of publications marked with an asterisk (*) may be requested from the Center for Cryptologic History via our online form.


Subject Title Author Date Available Format
Cold War Learning from the Enemy: The GUNMAN Project Sharon A. Maneki 2018 Monograph
Cold War A Dangerous Business: The U.S. Navy and National Reconnaissance During the Cold War * John R. Schindler 2004 Brochure
Cold War Candle in the Dark: COMINT and Soviet Industrial Secrets , 1946-1956 Carol B. Davis 2017 Monograph
Cold War CT3 Edward Purcell Patrick Weadon 2003 Brochure
Cold War Dedication and Sacrifice: National Aerial Reconnaissance in the Cold War * Center for Cryptologic History   Brochure
Cold War SSgt Donald Hill/A2C Earl Radlein Jr Patrick Weadon 2002 Brochure
Cuban Missile Crisis NSA and the Cuban Missile Crisis * Thomas R. Johnson and David A. Hatch 1998 Brochure
Navy Reserve Cryptologists Silent Warriors: The Naval Security Group Reserve 1945 - 2005 * John R. Schindler Ph.D. LTJG USNR 2010 Monograph
VENONA The VENONA Story * Robert Louis Benson   Brochure
VENONA VENONA: Soviet Espionage and the American Response 1939-1957 Robert Louis Benson and Michael Warner 1996 Booklet - For copies of this manuscript call 1-800-553-6847. Reference number #PB96928010.