The Next Wave

ImageTitlePublication Date
 TNW-20-1.PDF20th Anniversary issue of the Next Wave (TNW)1/1/2013
 TNW-21-4.PDF5G Security and Privacy4/1/2017
 TNW-20-4.PDFBig Data10/1/2014
 TNW-21-1.PDFBuilding a science of cybersecurity: The next move10/1/2015
 TNW-18-1.PDFCenter for Advanced Study of Language (CASL)1/1/2009
 TNW-17-4.PDFCloud Computing10/1/2009
 TNW_23-1.PDFDeception Research: Using Science to Reveal the Truth1/1/2021
 TNW-19-1.PDFHigh Confidence Software and Systems (HCSS)1/1/2011
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