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Tech Transfer Program Success Stories

Tech Transfer Success Stories | Aug. 11, 2021

Cyber Security at the Physical Level

Though organizations focus on firewalls and security software, multitudes of open network ports on computers, routers, and Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone jacks in public and seemingly secured areas create an often overlooked cyber vulnerability that can result in unauthorized network access. Access to these open data ports can result in covert extraction of data and introduction of malware onto systems. Often, evidence of such breaches comes long after the damage has been done.

The National Security Agency's (NSA) data port protection technologies provide an innovative layer of defense for vulnerable open data ports by deterring access and ensuring that there is visible evidence of any attempt to tamper with the port. This technology was developed and was quickly adopted at NSA as an effective security measure for our military counterparts. It was shared across the Intelligence Community (IC) until its popularity ultimately spurred a search for an industry partner to manufacture the port protectors, keep pace with government demand, and commercialize the product to broaden the customer base.

The NSA Technology Transfer Program (TTP) was successful in activating several Patent License Agreements with PadJack, Inc. (, a Florida-based company providing NSA and its mission partners with a more direct and efficient method of production and supply. With the help of a growing workforce, PadJack has developed five new products from these NSA technologies for both government and commercial use, uses two manufacturing facilities, and has sales that continue to increase. Today, every branch of the military, the IC, and leading-edge firms are using PadJack products to enhance their information assurance security posture. PadJack Founder and CEO Jim Bolain says, “Licensing NSA’s port protector technology has allowed us to expand our market share and add new product lines. As a small business, we benefited from the NSA TTP’s work to create a partnership that scales to our needs as we grow.“

The NSA TTP received the Federal Laboratory Consortium’s Excellence in Technology Transfer Award for this lab-to-market success. 

About the NSA TTP
The NSA TTP establishes partnerships between NSA and industry, academia, and other government agencies to help accelerate mission, advance science, foster innovation, and promote the growth and commercialization of technology originally created for Agency mission.

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