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Press Release | May 20, 2022

NSA Hosts the Maryland Department of IT in cybersecurity workshop

FORT MEADE, Md. — The Maryland Department of Information Technology (DoIT) Executive team on Thursday took part in a series of cybersecurity workshops provided by the National Security Agency (NSA). These workshops focused on NSA cyber risk best practices and how they can be utilized to ensure security in the state cyber environment. The workshops provide information regarding risk management, cyber threats, and supply chain management.
These workshops are one part of a continued partnership between the IT leadership of the State of Maryland and NSA. This partnership allows DoIT to further understand the best practices of the federal government and for both entities to share lessons learned. This is the second time the DoIT executive staff has visited NSA for a presentation from its federal partners on cybersecurity.
“DoIT and the State of Maryland are extremely lucky to have NSA expertise available to enhance our efforts to keep the State Government and all Marylanders safe from cyber threats” said DoIT Secretary Michael Leahy.
“NSA is dedicated to fulfilling our commitment to help advise the State of Maryland on enterprise security," said Jason Jabers, NSA Fellow to DoIT. “This workshop is one of the products of NSA’s commitment to work with key partners to improve our nation’s cybersecurity posture.”
NSA’s Jabers joined DoIT in October 2021 as a fellow who has been advising the state on enterprise data practice, policies, standards, and security. His main goal is to collaborate with the Governor’s Office, the Chief Information Officer, and other key government, academic, and private sector organizations on a comprehensive data architecture plan for the state.