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Press Release | March 21, 2022

NSA provides expertise at Hack the Port 22

FORT MEADE, Md.  –  

HackThePort22 is a virtual and live hybrid maritime and control systems cybersecurity conference in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The conference will feature speeches, lectures, and panel discussions from top leaders in government and industry as well as two cyber competitions. The NSA team, from NSA’s Center for Education, Innovation and Outreach which houses programs like the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (NCAE-C), GenCyber, STARTALK and NSA’s Cyber Exercise, is sponsoring students participating in both Hack the Port cyber competitions.
Lynne Clark, Acting Chief of NSA’s Center for Education, Innovation and Outreach said “These cyber competitions offer a unique opportunity to showcase the competencies developed in their NCAE-C designated education programs. NSA is always looking for innovative opportunities to test the knowledge, skills and abilities of our students. This competition will allow the students to perform, in-real time, the critical tasks that the future cybersecurity workforce needs. It is an opportunity for the students to show off their education in a real-world context”.
The first cyber competition involves a series of scenario-based challenges that pits the skills of students from 30 different schools against each other. The schools include students from the U.S. Senior Military Colleges, N-CAE schools and US CYBERCOM’s Academic Engagement Network.  Top performers from the first two days will compete in a capture-the-flag-style challenge on Thursday, which will allow them to compete against a team of professional cyber security experts from industry and government.  “I can’t wait to see how the student teams perform against the professionals” says Ms. Clark.  Both cyber challenges will be live-streamed and viewable to Hack the Port registrants.
In addition to the cyber challenges, the student participants will receive “tech talks” and participate in development panels provided by U.S. government experts. Hack the Port features virtual keynotes by Hon Alejandor Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, Hon Chris Inglis, National Cyber Director, Hon Jen Easterly, Director of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency and Lt. Gen Charles L. Moore, Deputy Commander, CYBERCOM.
NSA-supported speaking engagements:

  • Dr. Diane M. Janosek, “Mission compliance in today’s dynamic world”
  • Bailey Bickley, “NSA’s New Approach”

Panel discussions:

  • Dr. Diane M. Janosek: Cyber Warriors & Defenders
  • Lynne Clark: Leveraging Academia for Workforce Development
  • Lynne Clark: Leaders of our 3 Communities of Practice in Cyber Defense, Cyber Operations and Research

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