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Press Release | April 13, 2021

NSA Launches LPS Qubit Collaboratory

Today the National Security Agency’s Laboratory for Physical Sciences (LPS) launched the LPS Qubit Collaboratory (LQC), a Quantum Information Science research center in support of the U.S. National Quantum Initiative. The LQC offers a mechanism for collaborative research between LPS and academia, industry, FFRDCs, and Government Laboratories. The mission of the LQC is to:

  • Pursue disruptive fundamental research and enabling technologies with a focus on qubit development for quantum computing and other applications (such as sensing);
  • Build a quantum workforce through research experiences and innovative training in government at LPS and at LQC partners; and
  • Grow deep, collaborative partnerships to tackle the most difficult and relevant long-term problems for quantum information science and technology.

The Army Research Office, in partnership with LPS, has announced a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for the LPS Qubit Collaboratory that introduces the initial research areas of the LQC. The BAA solicits proposals for partnerships with outside institutions allowing researchers to pursue joint research with LPS, use shared lab spaces, and interact with other collaborators across academia, government, and industry. The BAA also creates a new Quantum Computing Research (QuACR) Fellowship program for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers across the country.  “The National Security Agency is committed to training the next generation of scientists and engineers, and the LQC will continue LPS’ long tradition of driving research in future information technologies,” said Dr. Barry Barker, Director of the Laboratory for Physical Sciences.

Organizations interested in partnership opportunities should contact the LQC at and view the ARO/LQC Broad Agency Announcement here.