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Press Release | Feb. 6, 2002

National Security Agency Receives Resolution From Speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates

Lieutenant General Michael V. Hayden, USAF, Director, National Security Agency/Chief, Central Security Service, received a Resolution from The Honorable Casper R. Taylor, Jr., Speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates, this morning at the Maryland State House in Annapolis.

The resolution recognizes the National Security Agency's 50th Anniversary and its significant contributions as a major high-tech employer to the economic prosperity of Maryland. It was with great pride that General Hayden accepted this honor on behalf of the men and women of the NSA/CSS.

The Agency was created by President Harry S. Truman on 24 October 1952 and began official operation 4 November 1952. The men and woman of NSA have been in the fight for the last fifty years to help our nation prevail by applying their cryptologic skills and talents, ensuring that critical information flowed not only to the desks of the policymakers in Washington, but also to the war fighters on the front lines.

Today, NSA is an agency in transition and is one of the largest employers in Maryland. Its dual missions -- providing foreign signals intelligence and protecting vital U.S. information systems -- require that NSA remain at the cutting edge of technology. To meet this challenge, NSA employs the most talented mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers, linguists, signals analysts, and intelligence analysts, and aggressively partners with high-tech industry leaders, to include local businesses.

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