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Press Release | April 12, 2002

NSA Formalizes Relationship with the American Red Cross for Providing Blood Donations

On Friday, 12 April 2002, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the American Red Cross formalized an ongoing twenty-seven-year partnership and recognized significant contributions made by NSA in facilitating blood donations by employees in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Historically, NSA has been the largest single source of blood for the greater Chesapeake and Potomac region of the American Red Cross, which consists of Northern Virginia, Central Maryland, and Southern Pennsylvania. The American Red Cross collects approximately 500 units of blood a month from various NSA donor sites through the NSA Blood Donor Program, which includes an on-site donor center and blood mobile sites with resources provided jointly by NSA and the American Red Cross.

The NSA Blood Donor Program promotes blood, bone marrow, hemapheresis, tissue, and organ donations, and also partners with the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the C. W. Bill Young Marrow Donor Program and the Transplant Resource Center of Maryland, Inc.