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Press Release | Nov. 1, 2002

National Security Agency (NSA) Celebrates Anne Arundel County Proclamation Naming November 4, 2002 "NSA Day"

November 4th, 2002, has been named "NSA DAY" in Anne Arundel County by County Executive Janet S. Owens in a proclamation honoring "the National Security Agency, its 'silent sentinels,' and its rich legacy of a half-century of service to our Nation and our community." Recognizing NSA's 50-year heritage of providing both foreign signals intelligence and information assurance for the Nation, the proclamation reads, "In times of war, America's codemakers and codebreakers have provided U.S. policymakers and warfighters with the information they needed to prevail. In the absence of conflict, these same individuals have given our leaders the crucial insights needed to keep peace."

NSA is one of the largest employers in Maryland and values its role in the Anne Arundel County and State of Maryland communities. It actively reaches out to local schools and youth groups; and to charitable, fraternal, and civic organizations. NSA also aggressively partners with high-tech industry leaders, to include local businesses. The proclamation reads, "The National Security Agency has proven itself a responsible citizen of Anne Arundel County" and has "greatly benefited the welfare of Anne Arundel County and the great Free State of Maryland."

Ms. Owens announced "NSA DAY" during a "50 Years of Cryptologic Excellence" celebration today at the National Cryptologic Museum. It was with great pride that NSA Director, Lt Gen Michael V. Hayden, USAF, acknowledged this honor on behalf of the men and women, both past and present, who have served at NSA to provide national security for the American public and its allies.

For additional information on NSA's 50th Anniversary commemoration at the museum, please go to /news-features/press-room/press-releases/2002/50th-anniversary.shtml.